60/40 White Composite:
30 mil thick card composed of 60% PVC and 40% polyester. This combination produces a more durable card recommended where card life and longevity is a must.

Utilize the backdrop to make your IDs look uniform in design. Choose different backdrop colors to differentiate between departments or to match your school's or organization's colors.

Badge Holder:
Put your ID inside a badge holder to protect it from the elements. Badge holders also allow you to display your ID without having to punch a hole or slot in it. Badge holders come in many different sizes, colors and costs depending on your needs. They work well for laminate and PVC ID cards and most holders can hold more than one card.

Badge Reel:
This gadget holds your ID to display it and also allows you to pull it away from your body without unclipping it. The retractable cord extends typically from 24-36". Badge reels come in all different shapes, colors and styles and can be customized with your name and logo. Reel affixes to your clothing with a slide clip, swivel clip, strap or by a carabiner depending on the style.

These epoxy-domed, little, button-like stickers adhere to your badge so that you can wear them proudly. They make a great quick recognition tool to pass out to your team members for a job well-done.

Printable on any ID card whether it be a laminate or PVC, a barcode can help you integrate your ID with your current time & attendance, hot lunch or any other tracking system you run utilizing a barcode.

A plastic attachment in the back of the neck that acts as a safety feature on a lanyard. It allows the lanyard to come apart in the case that it is being pulled or under tension.

Bulldog Clip:
This attachment works well for holding badges that have been slot-punched. It is a great one for making sure that your ID is always facing forward.

A carabiner is an oblong metal ring with a spring clip for attaching to a belt loop, purse handle or around open object. This is the most versatile clip we sell.

Card Creation Screen:
Where you will do most of the designing of your ID badge in the ID Maker Pro software.

This is the ability to add your organization's name and/or logo. You can add almost anything you'd like to a custom product and our graphics department will help you make it look nice.

Custom Holokote Key:
A removable key which prints your company name or logo as a hologram-like overlay onto a PVC card. The Holokote image will print only when the key is inserted into the printer. Ideal for any organization requiring security or needing measures to prevent against card duplication.

Data Entry Screen:
The place in the ID Maker Pro software where you will input your names, titles and any other information you would like on your ID badges. Extract the information from an existing database and upload it, or create a new database.

A collection of information organized in such a way that a computer program can quickly select desired pieces of data. You can think of a database as an electronic filing system.

Graphical unit of measure meaning dots per inch. The higher the dpi, the better image quality you will get when printing.

A printer that will print two-sided cards without having to run them through the machine twice. They take a little longer to print each card, but save time compared to printing a two-sided card in a single-side printer.

An imaging method for transferring controlled quantities of printer ribbon dye onto a plastic card. With the 300 dpi print head resolution, near-photographic quality results.

A brand of PVC card printers now known as Zebra.

A brand of PVC card printers that focuses on ease-of-use, dependability and modern design.

The ability to print in up to 16 million colors.

A holographic overlay that can be seen when your ID card is turned at an angle. This provides added security against forgery.

A gold foil square placed in the bottom right-hand corner of your ID card. It can be printed with anything you choose for added anti-forgery protection.

ID Gripper:
The perfect attachment for PVC badges without slots or holes. The rubber reinforcements securely hold one card in any orientation you desire. The durable plastic is created to be held by a strap clip or any type of hook.

ID Maker Express:
IDville's own easy-to-use program for creating paper IDs right from your desktop. The ID Maker Express software allows you to design and create your own fully-customized IDs that you can print to your laser or inkjet printer and then laminate for longer wear.

ID Maker Pro:
Software for creating high-quality, professional PVC card IDs. Designing is quick and easy and the database allows for an unlimited number of fields. Your colors, your logo, your photo and type however you want your ID to look, ID Maker Pro will help you get the job done.

Includes over 100 spot illustrations (clip art) along with many backgrounds to choose from when creating your IDs. Compatible with ID Maker Express and ID Maker Pro software.

Protective guards that stretch to fit snugly around the edges of your ID to save the corners from wear and tear without interfering with its overall look. Ideal for proximity and smart cards with a 10 mil PVC card adhered to it to prevent dog-earing and peeling.

This attachment comes on lanyards and badge reels and works well to hold IDs that have been hole or slot-punched. The hook swivels around so that both sides of the ID can be seen quickly or it can be flipped over when necessary. Great for IDs that do not need to be unhooked frequently.

(Kr) black and (O) overlay. These printer ribbons print black-only cards with a protective overlay. These ribbons are a more cost-effective way to print one side of the card using black ink only.

A protective plastic covering that keeps paper IDs safe from the elements. Buy a laminate, slide your paper ID inside, place it inside the card carrier and run it through your laminator. Laminates come in a variety of sizes, from a full page (8.5" x 11") to 3.25" x 2.1". Most laminates require heat, but we also offer no-heat-required styles.

Lanyards are made either of cotton or nylon and are wearable around your neck to display your ID. You can choose from many different colors and styles and can personalize it with anything you'd like. They are the most cost-effective way to display your ID when looking for a personalized option. Allows for the best visibility of your badge and is the most popular way to wear IDs.

The ability to program information into a magnetic stripe on a PVC card so that when it is swept through your reader, you will know the cardholder's account number, name, or any other information applicable to your magnetic stripe system.

A brand of printers that focuses on security. All Magicard printers offer the Holokote anti-copying watermark printed across the entire card surface.

Magnetic Stripe:
Refers to the black or brown magnetic stripe of a PVC card. Data may be encoded into this stripe that will tell a reading device who you are and what your account number is, or whatever information is applicable to your system.

A unit of measure as it relates to the thickness of the card or laminate; the higher the mil, the thicker the product.

Mini ID:
A plastic PVC card that comes hole punched and 3-to-a-perforated-card. Each mini ID measures 1 1/8" x 7/10". These are mostly used for loyalty cards, but can be printed just like any other PVC card with a photo, personal information or a barcode if you'd like. These print 3-at-a-time on any photo ID printer.

This attachment is great if you already have a way of affixing your IDs, but want to use a lanyard or a badge reel for displaying your card. Simply slide the strap clip or hook over the ring and your ID is attached!

The number of badges you print.

A thin transparent layer applied during the print process to cards in order to prevent scratching and fading. Clear overlay comes built-in to every IDville printer ribbon.

Photo ID System:
All of the items you need to start creating and printing PVC IDs. All systems include the printer you choose, our ID Maker Pro software, a digital camera, white backdrop, full-color printer ribbon and PVC cards.

Power Cord:
A style of lanyard that is round woven and comes with a slide that can be customized. The power cord has a cool, hiker style.

Printer Ribbon:
Used in our PVC card printers. It comes with a square the size of your PVC card in each color ink and presses the card with each color. After the square has been used it cannot be used again. This allows us to tell you how many prints each ribbon will permit.

PVC Card:
Polyvinyl chloride. Durable material used for printing ID cards, credit cards and most states' licenses.

Printer set up to print one-sided cards only. It is possible to print two-sided cards, but you must run the card through the printer a second time.

Slot Punch:
Designed to punch slots (elongated holes) in laminate or PVC ID cards. IDville also offers a 3-in-1 slot punch that gives the option for a hole, slot or corner punch.

The ability to attach your IDs securely without unsightly slots and holes. Gripper pads hold the ID in place at a pull strength of 9 lbs. Great for proximity cards, laminated badges and PVC IDs.

Split Ring:
A key-ring-like attachment that holds your hole-punched ID securely. Also holds your keys. This is a great choice for colleges to give to their students.

Strap Clip:
The easiest way to attach your ID to anything. The durable acrylic slides through your ID and snaps closed for a secure hold. Most come with a bulldog clip attachment.

Suspender Clip:
A less-invasive form of a strap clip. Rubber interlocking grips hold on to your clothes without causing holes or clip indentations.

Swivel Snap Hook:
The snap hook holds hole-punched IDs and keys with ease. Push it open to slide your card on and it snaps right back into place for a secure hold. Swivel clip allows your card to turn with ease.

The collection of products that come with our photo ID printers. All 'systems' include:
your printer choice, our ID Maker Pro software, a digital camera, white backdrop, (1) full-color printer ribbon and (200) PVC blank cards.

System Selection Guide:
This is something that helps you decide which printer system will be best for your needs. It is located in our free informational pack or can be seen online by clicking here.

Technical Support:
Anytime you are having trouble with any of our products, give us a call. IDville offers full-and-free technical support for the entire time that you are using our products.

A guide provided for designing the layout of your ID badge. There are many different templates provided for badge design in the ID Maker Express and Pro software.

For special events or specific situations, IDville has offered many of its items in themes to fit your needs. Some are motivational with inspirational words, others fit safety or everyday expectations around the workplace.

Printers designed with this feature allow you to insert the PVC card in the top of the machine before printing. Others may load in the back or on the side.

Visitor Express:
Software designed to make visitor management easy. This IDville-exclusive software was engineered to allow you to print visitor ID badges in minutes that will increase building security. With it you can create badges, track visitors, view and print reports and increase your security. Just as with any of our software, it is easy-to-use and comes with lifetime full-and-free technical support.

A design, most often a logo, lightly printed across your ID badge for added security.

A type of lanyard that allows for the utmost personalization. Instead of printing on the lanyard, this technology allows for the customization to be woven directly into the lanyard design. Not only can you customize with an organization's name, but you can also get each individual's name woven into the lanyard, with a minimum order of only 25 lanyards.

A full-color printer ribbon that includes Yellow (Y), Magenta (M), Cyan (C), Black (K) and Overlay (O). Yellow, Magenta and Cyan (YMC) are the primary print colors for the cards. The three colors combine in varying degrees to make a full spectrum of colors, plus the (K) for a resin black and (O) for a clear overlay varnish.

A full-color ribbon that includes an extra black ink square for printing dual-sided cards with the second side being printed with black ink only. Ribbon includes Yellow (Y), Magenta (M), Cyan (C), Black (K), Overlay (O) and another Black (K). As the card runs through the dual-sided printer, it prints both sides in one run-through. With this ribbon you can print dual-sided (full-color on one side, black only on the other side) cards without waste.

Brand of PVC card printer that delivers reliable performance and excellent print quality. Zebra is one of the top PVC printer producers in the world.