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IDville's monthly IDentify newsletter will help you implement and maintain a safe, secure workplace. With over 10 years in the identification industry, we're proud to pass on the valuable tips and tricks we've learned over the years to help your identification efforts be a success. Each issue features insightful articles, ID Maker tips and tricks, a product spotlight and informative case studies from others who are building a solid security infrastructure at their facility, just like you. Browse through the articles below to get up to speed.

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10/28/2014 Everything You Need in One Box! IDville's One-Box Systems contain everything you'll need to start printing ID badges in about 15 minutes.
8/27/2014 Put Your Brand in the Spotlight Custom ID badge accessories are a great way to highlight your brand, promote team unity and give off a professional image.
7/30/2014 ID Badge Accessories - Something for Everyone! ID badge accessories are the perfect solution to getting your team members or students to wear their ID badges.
6/30/2014 Office Signage for Your Building Nameplates and office signage add a feeling of professionalism to your building.
5/27/2014 Keep your building safe with visitor management solutions! From offices to warehouses and schools to hospitals and everything in between, keeping your employees, students, building and assets safe are crucial to everyday operations.
4/18/2014 Make your next event a success! Planning and executing a successful meeting or event can be extremely time-consuming and even more stressful.
6/13/2013 Did you know you can use your photo identification systems for more than just IDs? You recently purchased a photo identification system and now your employees are wearing great looking ID badges. Now what?
5/23/2013 Are you ready to promote workplace safety during National Safety Month? Every year during the month of June, the National Safety Council encourages organizations to get involved and participate in National Safety Month (NSM.) NSM is an annual observance to educate and influence behaviors around the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths.
4/18/2013 Your photo ID system questions- answered. If you're in the market for an ID printer system, I'm sure you have some questions.
3/14/2013 ID Maker 3.0: Design & print photo IDs with ease! Having an onsite ID card system gives you the capability to create your own ID cards right from your desktop and provides many benefits to your organization.
2/21/2013 The Need for Workplace Security has Never Been Greater The world around us is constantly transforming to become more mobile, more transparent, and more accessible.
1/17/2013 We have an ID accessory for that ID badges are an important part of your company safety and security strategies, but they are only effective if your employees wear them. No matter what industry you are in or what your daily responsibilities consist of, there is an ID badge accessory for everyone.
12/13/2012 ID Card Printers Made Easy Creating a professional ID card is easier than it sounds, and it doesn't take someone in your IT department to put the printer system together! IDville specializes in ID card printers that anyone in your organization can feel confident using.
11/15/2012 5 Essentials of an Excellent Employee ID Depending on how your company utilizes employee ID cards may determine how you create and print your employee IDs. You will want to consider whether you plan to use ID cards for security purposes, for door access, or simply for identification.
10/18/2012 I have lost my ID card! If you are not currently printing ID cards onsite at your office, hearing "I have lost my ID card" from your employees is probably a nightmare. When employees lose an ID card it means waiting days to receive the ID and spending money.
9/20/2012 Lanyards Keep ID Cards Visible for Students, Staff, and Employees! Having a hard time getting your students, staff, or employees to properly display their ID badges? Lanyards keep ID cards visible at all times! It's not too late to get your school or organization equipped with the right photo ID accessories.
8/15/2012 Choosing the Right Photo Identification Card Printer Choosing an ID card printer is never an easy process, especially when there are so many options available. Do you want a printer that prints one or two-sided ID cards? Do you intend to print 100 or 1,000+ ID cards a year? What does your budget allow you to spend? Are you looking for advanced security features?
7/19/2012 ID Badge Accessories made right here in the USA! Think of the last time you made a purchase. Did you take a minute to check and see if that product was made in the USA? Chances are you probably didn't. It's easy to overlook. When purchasing made in USA products you're not only getting a higher quality product, but you're also helping support local companies. These are both important factors to consider when making your daily purchases.
6/15/2012 Visitor Management Systems Increase Security & Safety Whether you work at a school, business, hospital, or manufacturing facility, tracking visitors is very important. Not only do visitor management systems track visitors, they promote a feeling of security throughout your organization. They also allow your staff to easily identify who has authorization to be on the premises and who may be unfamiliar to your building, policies, and procedures.
5/17/2012 June is Safety Month June is right around the corner and so is National Safety Month. Can you believe it's that time of year again? Each June the National Safety Council (NSC) encourages organizations to get involved and participate in National Safety Month (NSM.) NSM is an annual observance to educate and influence behaviors around the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. IDville is excited to participate by promoting various products and providing tips to get involved this year.
4/18/2012 Badge Reels Offer Function and Convenience for all Industries As you begin to design ID cards for your organization, you should consider how your employees, students, or staff will wear their cards. After all, if your ID cards aren't used by your employees, they won't do your organization much good! Consider badge reels, a convenient and functional option for wearing ID cards, for every member of your team.
3/14/2012 Great Event Planning Starts with the ID Badge When planning a meeting or event, there are lots of important details to track: venue, food, transportation, attendees, and more. With so many details to look after, it can be easy to forget one. Unfortunately, many event planners consider IDs an afterthought, yet event ID badges are an important part of a successful event. Incorporating ID badges into the early stages of event planning can save you both time and money.
2/16/2012 Comfortable Ways to Wear your ID Badge ID badges are an important part of your organization's safety and security strategy, but they're only effective if employees wear them. If you offer employees comfortable options for wearing their ID badges, they'll be more likely to comply with your policy.
1/18/2012 Become the Office Super Hero with an Employee Time and Attendance Tracking System In 2012, organizations are looking to be smarter, faster, and leaner. Competition is as fierce as ever, and your internal processes need to be efficient in order to stay ahead of the rest. Is your time and attendance system hurting or helping you reach your goals?
12/15/2011 Seven Steps for ID Card Printer Maintenance An ID card printer is a wise investment in the safety and security of your facility, and you want it to always be in peak performance for its next printing job. To keep your ID card printer in top shape year round, follow our seven steps for printer maintenance.
11/17/2011 How ID Cards Will Improve Your Next Event The end of the year is a popular time for events, whether it's a conference, team meeting, fundraiser, or company gala. Regardless of the type of event you're planning, identifying the key participants can be important to a successful event experience. Follow our Event ID Guidelines to create the proper identification for your event.
10/21/2011 Strap Clips are a Versatile, Affordable Display Option The accurate display of an ID card can be as important as the card design itself. If a card is not visible or easily accessible, it can be a hindrance to both the individual and the organization. However, it can often be a challenge to encourage employees or students to wear an ID badge accessory, such as a lanyard or badge reel.
9/22/2011 New Time and Attendance System Saves Time and Money How does your organization track employee hours? If you're still manually calculating pay rules by hand, mediating discrepancies between managers and employees, and dread payroll time, it's time for an upgrade!
8/18/2011 Lanyards Keep ID Cards Visible for Back to School Back to school preparations are underway, and before you know it teachers, students, and staff will be headed off to school in the morning. Get your school ready by outfitting everyone with the proper ID badge accessories. Not at a school? Our lanyard recommendations can still help you determine which style is right for your organization!
7/21/2011 Custom Vivid Color Lanyards Enhance your ID Cards ID cards are an important security feature for every organization, and you can make them even more effective with the right ID card accessory. Vivid color lanyards are one accessory option that will enhance your ID cards and promote your organization's brand.
6/16/2011 The Benefits of an Onsite ID Card System in Your Organization Do you know what an ID card system can do for you? Having the capability to create your own ID cards onsite provides many benefits to your organization. You can create your own ID card design and change it at will, add custom security features, print specialty badges for events, and more.
5/19/2011 Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips for National Safety Month June is National Safety Month, and previous Identify Newsletters on the subject have recommended you take the month of June to refocus your safety efforts. This year, make it a goal to implement all of our top ten safety tips before the end of the month to help you create and maintain a safe environment for your employees.
4/21/2011 Selecting the Right ID Badge Accessory: Protective Badge Holders Do you often replace broken or worn ID cards for your employees or students? If you are constantly making replacement ID cards, you should consider outfitting your organization with badge holders.
3/17/2011 Are Badge Reels Right For You? Badge reels are a functional way to wear and display ID cards. The primary benefit of badge reels is the retractable cord that allows ID cards to stretch up to 36" from the plastic casing.
2/17/2011 New ID Maker ID Card Systems Your organization has been using the same, tired laminated ID cards for years, and you've been on your manager's case to improve security at your organization.
1/31/2011 Best Practices for Implementing Visitor Management This year, make a resolution to keep your facility safe and secure. One important part of a building security plan is visitor identification and management. Follow these six steps to implement a visitor management system at your facility.
12/15/2010 Introducing Baudville, IDville's Sister Company You may have noticed on the IDville catalog or website that IDville is a Baudville company. IDville's sister company, Baudville, provides employee recognition solutions and awards for the workplace.
11/17/2010 5 Elements of a Great ID Card Printer Having an ID card printer at your organization can increase process efficiencies, save time and money. As you investigate purchasing an ID card printer, our identification experts recommend looking at these five components in your shopping process.
10/21/2010 Do It Yourself Identification Do It Yourself (DIY) projects are usually less expensive than hiring a professional and often get completed quicker. When it comes to identification, there are many things you can do yourself to save time and money, too. With the right tools, you can create professional-looking signs, name tags and ID cards that will impress even the keenest eye!
9/16/2010 5 Elements of an Excellent Employee ID Card ID cards can play a pivotal role in an organization's security plan, and creating the right card is imperative to achieving security goals. By considering the following five ID card elements, organizations can create the ID card that meets their needs.
8/11/2010 School ID Solutions Improve Student Safety Back to school is in full swing in retail stores as parents, teachers and students prepare for the school year. School administrators should also prepare for the new school year by reviewing current school security policies. Outfitting students and staff with ID cards, using student ID cards for multiple purposes and implementing visitor identification can make school safer for everyone.
7/21/2010 Workplace Security Checklist Conducting a regular workplace security audit will keep your security policies up-to-date and your employees safe. Ideally, you want to answer "yes" to each of the following questions. If you answer "no" to any of them, identify it as a vulnerable area and develop a task force to begin researching security solutions.
6/16/2010 ID Card Printers Are Easier Than You Think Creating a professional ID card is easier than it looks, and it doesn't take someone in IT to put the printer system together and use it! Because we know that organizations are doing more with less, IDville specializes in ID card printers that anyone in your organization can feel confident using.
5/19/2010 ID Cards Make Work a Safer Place Each June, the National Safety Council (NSC) encourages businesses to promote and improve safety during National Safety Month. You can use the NSC's timely reminder to review your organization's safety policies and practices. Safety policies and procedures prevent accidents, injuries and death in the workplace. Implementing employee ID badges is an important part of a safety policy and can make your organization a safer place for employees.
4/21/2010 Lighten Your Load by Eliminating Multiple Badges Security is important to you and your organization, so you've outfitted your employees with all the necessary identification. The only problem is they have to carry multiple ID cards every day, and equipping new employees with ID badges has become a cumbersome process! While you could outfit the entire team with Mutli-Card Badge Holders and call it a day, we suggest streamlining your photo ID needs into a single, multi-purpose ID card.
3/17/2010 ID Card Accessories Employee ID cards are an important part of an organization's security plan, but they are only effective if employees display them as instructed. With so many options available to display an ID card, it's difficult to know what the best solution is for your organization. In this month's Identify, we examine the four most popular ID card accessories to help you find the best fit.
2/10/2010 IDentification Cards Help Prevent Workplace Violence Workplace and employee security remains a top concern for employers this year. High profile workplace violence cases have caught the attention of employers and employees across the country. These recent events have reiterated the fact that employers need to take preventative measures to keep employees safe at work.
1/20/2010 Visitor Identification Creates Safe Work Environments Providing a safe work environment for your employees is part of creating a great workplace. When employees feel safe and comfortable at work, they're less likely to call in sick, have unexcused absences or look to change jobs. Identification can create a safe work environment where your employees will thrive.
12/16/2009 A Case for IDentification Implementing an identification system can bring convenience and efficiency to your organization in addition to increased safety and security. The identification printer and software work together to create a streamlined process that saves both time and money. Here are just a few of the benefits an identification system can bring to your organization.
10/21/2009 IDentify Ways to Protect Your Investment! Maintenance and upkeep is important to prolonging the life of any investment, and an identification printer system is no different. You can keep your identification printer in top shape by following standard maintenance recommendations. To keep on top of all maintenance needs and printer ribbon replacements, mark reminders on your calendar. When the notification pops up to clean your printer or reorder supplies, don't delay. Having the necessary supplies on hand will help you keep your printer projects running smoothly and efficiently.
9/23/2009 Your IDeal Badge Accessory! When it comes to displaying ID badges, your options are endless. With so many different options, how do you choose the accessory that's best for you and your organization? As the identification experts, we're focused on providing all the products you need and none that you don't. Refer to our ID badge accessory guide to properly outfit your badges.
8/19/2009 IDentification Systems Made Easy At IDville, we are constantly striving to improve the customer experience. We focus on ease of use and high quality. With the recent success of our exclusive ID Maker 2.0 software, we've developed an identification system that's so easy to use, we guarantee you can set it up and start creating ID cards in 15 minutes.
7/22/2009 Badge Holders Protect Your Investments Badge holders are well known for extending the life of ID cards by protecting them against the elements. They guard IDs against water, humidity, and the typical wear and tear. The common use of a badge holder reduces the number of replacements and saves organizations money from multiple reprints.
6/17/2009 June is National Safety Month When it comes to your people, nothing's more important than their safety. Safety policies and procedures make staff feel comfortable coming to work and end up saving the company time, money and headaches. Since June is National Safety Month, this is a great time to review your safety policies and consider how you can make them even stronger.
5/20/2009 Visitor Identification: A No-Brainer When it comes to building security, most organizations take precautionary measures to ensure that both their people and their property are protected. However, an IDville study found that 46% of organizations don't identify building visitors, and 34% don't track building visitors.
4/15/2009 Eco-Friendly Identifiers Earth Day is quickly approaching on April 22! The holiday annually inspires awareness and appreciation for the Earth. It's also an opportune time to reconsider your organization's sustainability practices. Identification is an important part of your organization and should also reflect your organization's environmental stance.
3/18/2009 Outfit your Conference with Security Spring is the time when professional conferences and seminars fill the schedules of convention centers and hotels. As professionals embark upon cities across the U.S., meeting planners will be scrambling to assure everything is in place for a smooth event.
2/18/2009 Prevent Awkward Meeting Interruptions with Meeting Room Signage Do you ever accidentally walk into a full meeting room because you didn't know it was occupied? Many business meeting rooms don't have windows for privacy and confidentiality purposes. So how do you avoid that awkward walk-in on your boss's meeting? Meeting room signage can help prevent meeting interruptions if used properly.
1/21/2009 Direct Visitors in your Building with Directional Signage It can be helpful if you have a very large building or a heavy amount of visitors in your building. If you are putting up new directional signage in your building, follow these simple steps for effective directional signage.
12/24/2008 Create a Great First Impression with the Right Signage Create a great first impression with revived signage for your entire space, and you'll soon be impressing clients, recruits and vendors with your invigorated environment. Follow our suggested equation for a revived look all of your visitors will appreciate.
11/21/2008 Choosing the System that's Right for You When you research identification systems, use the following criteria as a guide to find the right system for your organization.
10/24/2008 Do-It-Yourself Identification Often organizations need a quick, easy solution for identifying both their facilities and their personnel. Create your own signage, identification badges, and identification accessories with do-it-yourself (DIY) identification solutions.
9/19/2008 Low-Cost ID Accessories for Every Work Environment Identification cards are an important element to keeping facilities and people safe in every industry or workplace. IDville experts give their opinion on some of the best options for popular industries under $3 each!
8/15/2008 Implement Student Identification for Safer Schools Do you know if your kids are safe at school? Schools today are taking security more seriously than ever, and student identification card programs have become a growing trend to keep schools and their students safe.
7/18/2008 The PVC Card: More than Just an ID Badge Don't let your ID system printer sit in the corner collecting dust! Your printer can help you streamline processes throughout your entire organization. When it comes to using your ID system, your only limit is your creativity!
6/19/2008 National Safety Month is a Great Opportunity to Refresh IDs In 1996, the National Safety Council established June as National Safety Month to increase public awareness of safety and health risks in workplaces, homes and communities. This month is a prime opportunity to bring safety to the forefront of your organization and establish its value to a great workplace.
5/15/2008 Office Signage Points Visitors in the Right Direction Office signage plays an important role in helping visitors navigate your facility and labeling important rooms. Use these guidelines to select the right sign for an area.
4/21/2008 Which fulfills your need... Hard Card or Paper IDs? Because building security has become a high priority in recent years, most everyone agrees that it's important to secure your workforce and ideas from potential threats with ID cards. What most people don't know is which type of ID will provide the right level of security for their organization.
3/14/2008 Using IDs to Spice Up Your Events Regardless of the occasion, you can make a memorable and professional impression at corporate meetings, training sessions, special events and conferences with a custom ID badge.
2/1/2008 Using a Visitor Identification System at Your Organization Do you track visitors in your building? Do you know what visitors are in your building now? Building security has become a top priority for schools and businesses in recent years and protecting your organization's most important assets - the people - shouldn't be a challenge.
1/1/2008 Five Components of an Excellent ID Card Some only think of their organization's logo as a marketing tool, but incorporating this identifying marketing image onto your ID cards is one of the simplest ways to add a recognizable visual security element.