Selecting the Right ID Badge Accessory: Protective Badge Holders

Selecting the Right ID Badge Accessory: Protective Badge Holders

This is the second IDentify Newsletter in a new series on ID badge accessories. Over the next few months, we'll be talking about the different ID badge accessory options in order to help you choose the right one for your organization. This month, we're focusing on badge holders.

Do you often replace broken or worn ID cards for your employees or students? If you are constantly making replacement ID cards, you should consider outfitting your organization with badge holders.

Badge holders extend the life of your ID card by protecting it in a plastic or vinyl case. Most badge holders also have a slot punch, so you can still display your ID card with a strap clip, lanyard, or retractable badge reel. There are a variety of badge holders available for all types of organizations or environments.

  • Protect ID cards from fading in direct sunlight:
    Maintain great looking ID cards with an Anti-Print Transfer Badge Holder. This badge holder won't stick to your ID card and prevents the ink from fading. It will keep your ID card looking great!
  • Maintain a clean and healthy work environment:
    Prevent your ID card from transmitting germs with a Sealable Badge Holder. The seal isolates the ID card from any germs or bacteria and is easy to wipe clean. Ideal for healthcare facilities and childcare centers, a Sealable Badge Holder will promote a healthy environment.
  • Keep your ID badges visible and out of the way:
    Get ID cards out of the way with an Armband Badge Holder. This badge holder is worn around the upper arm, and a colorful elastic band makes it clearly visible. Perfect for employees who do physical labor or manufacturing work, the Armband Badge Holder is a safe way to display ID cards.
  • Designate levels of access, grades, or additional security information:
    Use Colored Bar Badge Holders. These colorful badge holders make different security designations visible from a distance. Our Colored Bar Badge Holders are perfect for schools and will clearly identify students from various grades or buildings.
  • Secure your RFID technology:
  • Protect your information with an RFID Secure Badge Holder. RFID chips encode personal information into your ID card. However this information can easily be stolen. Safeguard your employees' and company's information with this secure badge holder.

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Hard Card Badge Holder

For the best protection of your ID cards, use a Hard Card Badge Holder. The design of this hard plastic holder keeps your ID card in place and protects it from being scratched or damaged. Plus, card readers can access information on the card without removing it from the holder. Your employees will love the convenience!

EXPERT'S CORNER: Badge Holders Excellent for Access Cards

ID cards that are used for building access endure a lot of wear and tear. Access cards are often used multiple times a day and exposed to outdoor conditions. It's important to extend the life of an access card since it can be a more expensive ID card option and is necessary to get staff into the building.

You can protect the investment of your access card by displaying it in a badge holder. The badge holder will protect ID cards from the elements, scratches, and damages. Plus, it can be used with a card reader without removing it from the holder.

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David, IDville ID Specialist

Case Study: Badge Holders Protect ID Cards, Keep them Accessible

Customers who choose to display their ID card in a Hard Card Badge Holder are impressed at the durability, strength, and protection it lends to an ID card. Plus, ID cards are easily accessible for proximity and barcode scanners.

"We use the hard card badge holder for our door access cards/ID badges made from the very thin PVC cardstock. Many of our employees wear their cards/badges on lanyards, and they hang at desk level when sitting down. The holder protects the card/badge and keeps it from bending. The door access reader has no problem reading the cards in the holder. We'll definitely be ordering them again." -- Customer in Columbia, SC

"We use the hard card badge holder to protect our personal ID badges from scratches and breakage. They provide excellent protection for our field workers who are subject to wet and muddy work environments." -- Customer in Jacksonville, SC

"We issue new ID cards to 400 students, 150 employees, and several visitors and parents each year, with a hard card badge holder. Most are used with a clip to be worn and visible. Our ID cards are credit card like in size and thickness. The holder extends the life of the ID card, and proximity and barcode scanners can be used while card is in the holder." -- Customer in Lake Forest, IL

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