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Having an ID card printer at your organization can increase process efficiencies, save time and money. As you investigate purchasing an ID card printer, our identification experts recommend looking at these five components in your shopping process:

1. Price
ID card printer shoppers often limit their printer choices based on price. However, some printer resellers include different elements in their price. For instance, all IDville ID card printers include the printer, software, webcam, printer ribbon, PVC cards and a white backdrop. Carefully review what is included in the price when shopping for ID card printers.

2. Ease of Use
Any one in your organization should be able to use your ID card printer, and set-up and operation of the ID card printer should be easy! For example, the ID Maker printer arrives with everything in one box, and you can set it up in three steps.

3. Extra Security Features
You should be able to incorporate additional security features into your ID cards. Security features such as magnet stripes, barcodes and holographic overlays can protect your organization against fraudulent cards and further secure your facility.

4. Accessible Software
An ID card printer is only as good as the software you use to create ID cards! Identify the features you need in a software program, like connecting to your existing database, reporting and templates. The ID Maker software program was designed based on the feedback we received from customers and is very easy to use.

5. ID Card Printer Supplies
Your ID card printer is an investment that will need to be maintained. Periodically, you will need to purchase printer ribbons and cleaning kits to keep your printer running great. Look into the cost of printer supplies before selecting your ID card printer because a less expensive printer may require more costly supplies and vice versa.


When it comes to ID card printers, the ID Maker System stands above the crowd. An easy-to-use system, this ID card printer meets all five of our criteria described above. You receive one box, and the simple 3 step set-up process will have you making ID cards in 15 minutes! For more information about the ID Maker System, request our System Selection Guide.


The Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA), which oversees health and safety standards for the workplace, requires employees to be properly licensed in order to use various pieces of equipment. In a manufacturing environment, it's important that these licenses and certifications be properly identified.

A Michigan furniture manufacturer uses their ID card printer to the fullest by integrating OSHA identifiers onto their standard employee badges. When employees receive their license, they receive a new ID card with an icon indicating their certification. Employees have icons for hi-lo and aerial platform operation as well as First Aid.

Rather than carrying several OSHA-issued license cards, employees more effectively communicate their certification with the icon on their ID card. The process is simpler for the human resource department, too, who can quickly create a new ID card and have the employee immediately put his new skills to work.


To get even more value out of your ID card printer, put it to use for functions in addition to creating ID cards. Streamline processes within your organization by coordinating your ID cards with access control and time and attendance. You can also use ID cards for the cafeteria or to check out materials and equipment. You can also create labels, luggage tags and membership cards. For more ideas, see this previous edition of Identify.

ID card or ID card printer questions? Send them to me at experts@idville.com. Your question may be featured in the next issue of our Identify Newsletter!

David, IDville ID Specialist