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ID cards can play a pivotal role in an organization's security plan, and creating the right card is imperative to achieving security goals. By considering the following five ID card elements, organizations can create the ID card that meets their needs.

1. Organization Logo
Add a visual security element to ID cards by incorporating your organization's logo. Be sure your ID card design is consistent with the current marketing style sheet, including font, logo, and colors to reinforce the brand's message and project a professional image.

2. Design
An effective be single or dual-sided. Determine what ID card functions are priorities for the organization and consider how much space will be needed. With a dual-sided card, you also have the ability to add important information to the back of the card, such as a mission statement or emergency contact numbers.

4. Orientation
ID cards can be displayed horizontally or vertically, and the orientation of your ID cards will impact how they are worn by employees. Consider the different scenarios where ID cards will be used - access control, time and attendance, vending machines - before determining the orientation of your ID cards.

5. Employee Picture
It is standard for ID cards to include a picture of the employee on the front of the card. The photo on an ID card makes it unique to the individual employee and should be easily visible.

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Designing an effective and aesthetically pleasing employee ID card depends on your tools. When you use identification software, you have tools at your disposal that are designed solely to create great ID cards. ID Maker 2.0 software is designed with feedback from customers and makes ID card creation simple. Take a tutorial of ID Maker 2.0 on our website to try the software yourself!


Jeanette Espinosa, Human Resources Administrator for Allied Beverage Group LLC, easily designed the ID cards for her company's 800 employees using ID Maker software. "I designed them myself. They have a forest green main border and behind each picture is a watermark of our logo. The colored border around each individual's photo helps identify which department that employee belongs to. The ID Maker Pro software was very easy to use."

"The employee-to-employee visual reference gained with the IDs has helped a lot, too" said Espinosa. "It is a great way to identify sales reps, warehouse team members, drivers and other employees within the building. It is good to know who is walking around."

Since printing their new ID cards, Allied Beverage Group LLC has outfitted all of their employees with matching lanyards. "We're all color-coordinated!" Espinosa said with a chuckle.


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