5 Essentials of an Excellent Employee ID

5 Essentials of an Excellent Employee ID

Depending on how your company utilizes employee ID cards may determine how you create and print your employee's IDs. You'll want to consider whether you plan to use ID cards for security purposes, for door access, or simply for identification.

Creating the right ID card is imperative to achieving your photo identification goals. By considering the following 5 elements, you can create ID cards that meet your company's goals.

1. Design
What information is critical to display on your ID? With dual-sided cards you have the option to add additional important information to the back of the card, such as emergency contact information or a company mission statement. If it's not as critical to have extra space, then single-sided ID cards are recommended.

2. Versatility
Where will your ID cards be used? Before determining the orientation of your cards, consider how they will be used i.e. access control, time and attendance, or solely for identification purposes.

3. Orientation
Do you want your employee IDs to be vertical or horizontal? Once you've decided the purpose of your ID cards, you can then determine the orientation of your card as this will impact how you wear and display your ID card.

4. Organization Logo
Visual security elements, such as a logo, are highly recommended if you have security goals in place around employee ID cards. Be sure that the card design is consistent with your marketing and branding (font, logo, and colors) to ensure you're projecting a professional and consistent image.

5. Employee Picture
It's standard for ID cards to include a picture on the front of the card for identification purposes. The photo makes it unique to the individual employee and is easily visible.

Product Spotlight: Translucent Badge Reels

Whether you choose to create a vertical or horizontal ID, badge reels keep them accessible and visible at all times. Most badge reels come standard with a 36-inch retractable cord that gives employees easy access to their ID cards. Badge reels are ideal for employees that carry keys or plan to use IDs for door access.

To accommodate your entire team, choose the round translucent color badge reel variety pack!

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