A Case for IDentification

A Case for IDentification

IDentify Newsletter - December 2009 Edition

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Implementing an identification system can bring convenience and efficiency to your organization in addition to increased safety and security.

Case Study
Schools and businesses can use their identification system for several different purposes.

Tips & Tricks
Helpful ID Maker 2.0 security feature

Product Spotlight
IDville's exclusive ID Maker System

A Case for IDentification

Implementing an identification system can bring convenience and efficiency to your organization in addition to increased safety and security. The identification printer and software work together to create a streamlined process that saves both time and money. Here are just a few of the benefits an identification system can bring to your organization.

  • Decreased per card cost. Acquiring an identification system is an investment on which an organization will soon experience a return. By purchasing the equipment, an organization can produce its own badges rather than using a badge creation service. Outsourcing badge creation and production can cost up to $10 per card, whereas the exclusive ID Maker system prints cards for approximately $0.61 each.
  • More professional presentation. In today's business climate, brand image and integrity are key to successful marketing, customer relations and recruiting. Companies can put forth a positive impression by identifying employees and visitors with custom created badges. Displayed and protected with badge holders, badge reels and lanyards , a plastic ID badge looks more professional and modern than its paper laminated counterpart.
  • Easily change card designs. Changes to the design of your ID badges can be done quickly as opposed to a paper badge. Simply open the template you created in the ID Maker 2.0 software and adjust the format, colors or security features. By saving the new design as a template, your card template will speed up the creation of new and replacement cards.
  • Reduce production time. After designing your identification card, a printer can produce a ready-to-use card in approximately 30 seconds, depending on the printer model. Printing, perforating and laminating a paper ID badge can take up to 4 minutes! Replacing a paper laminate badge system with an identification system will free up valuable labor resources.
  • Completed cards in hand immediately. Schools and businesses alike rely on identification badges as a primary means of building security. When a student or staff member needs a new badge, completing that replacement quickly is important. With an identification system, you have all the tools to create a new card on the spot.

Increased Value from Your IDentification System

To get the greatest value from your identification system, you can use your identification system for more than identifying staff or students.

Schools especially can take advantage of an identification system by coordinating their staff and student IDs with the lunch program, library and even attendance tracking. ID badges are also convenient when planning field trips. New badges can easily be created for parent chaperones, and the entire group can display identification when away from the school campus.

Businesses often sync their employee ID badges with an access control system. Employees must keep badges nearby with lanyards or badge reels in order to enter the building or restricted areas. Badges with magnetic stripes and barcodes can also be programmed to work with copy machines and other office equipment.

Tips & Tricks

ID Maker 2.0 can print more than just student lists, directories and label reports - it can also print security reports! In addition to having an Audit Trail Log Report, it also has the unique ability to show every card ever printed. ID Maker 2.0's "Thumbnail Security" report will show a thumbnail image of every card ever printed, by whom and when - just in case a "suspect" card ever appears.

Product Spotlight

ID Card System ID Maker System

Our exclusive ID Maker system includes everything you need to start making ID quickly and easily in three simple steps. The streamlined ID Maker system will have you saving time and money in no time! Our new system is also "future-proof." Even if you purchase a single-sided system and your needs change, you can unlock the double-sided feature with the purchase of a new ribbon whereas other models require a new printer.