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Selecting the Right ID Badge Accessory: Retractable Badge Reels

This is the first IDentify Newsletter in a new series on ID badge accessories. Over the next few months, we'll be talking about the different ID badge accessory options in order to help you choose the right one for your organization. To kick off the series, we're focusing on retractable badge reels.

Badge reels are a functional way to wear and display ID cards. The primary benefit of badge reels is the retractable cord that allows ID cards to stretch up to 36" from the plastic casing. This is ideal for organizations that have access control security or require employees to use their ID cards as part of a time and attendance program. Most badge reels hold an ID card with a strap clip and are worn on the individual's clothing.

Once you've determined that a badge reel is the right ID badge accessory for your team, you have several style options to choose from:

Custom Badge Reels. For a lasting impression, create a custom badge reel with your logo. Custom badge reels are a great way to promote your corporate identity and promote pride within your organization. Please call us at 1.866.438.4553 for more information on custom badge reels.

Themed Badge Reels. Be purposeful with your ID cards by giving employees themed badge reels. Themed badge reels promote a message on the plastic casing that can reinforce your values or goals. For example, safety themed badge reels are perfect for manufacturing or distribution center employees.

Specialty Badge Reels. Every organization has unique needs for its ID cards, and our variety of specialty badge reels are designed to meet those needs. Specialty badge reels provide different attachment options and designs for multiple different environments.

Stock Badge Reels. Stock badge reels come in a variety of colors and shapes. Select one to coordinate with your ID card design!

Interested in retractable badge reels for your organization? Watch our product demo video to see retractable badge reels in action!

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Animal Shaped Badge Reels

Animal shaped badge reels are a new addition to the IDville badge reel selection that add flair to your ID card! A retractable badge reel, Animal shaped badge reels come in six different animal themes or they are available in a variety pack. Customers who work with children or have an animal as part of their logo prefer this fun badge reel over the standard versions.

CASE STUDY: Multi-Purpose Badge Reels

IDville customers have several uses for their badge reels. One customer shares how the Making the Difference Badge Reel is a hit at his organization.

"We use these badge reels for our employee badges which are required for both time and attendance and for labor tracking. The badge reels are a great hit. Before finding IDville, we were using a plain blue reel that was adequate, but not something the employee enjoyed wearing. These are in great demand and they're holding up really well. Previous reels often wouldn't rewind or broke. We aren't having that problem with these. We're very happy with them."

EXPERT'S CORNER: The Value of Retractable Badge Reels

Organizations that outfit their employees with retractable badge reels will see the value:

  1. Employees are more likely to wear their ID cards.
  2. Convenient for scanning or swiping ID cards.
  3. Multiple display options, including custom badge reels.
  4. Easily attached to a pocket or belt so ID cards don't get lost.
  5. Improved visual identification in the building.

ID card or ID card printer questions? Send them to me at Your question may be featured in the next issue of our IDentify Newsletter!

David, IDville ID Specialist

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