Badge Holders Protect Your Investments

Badge Holders Protect Your Investments

Badge holders are well known for extending the life of ID cards by protecting them against the elements. They guard IDs against water, humidity, and the typical wear and tear. The common use of a badge holder reduces the number of replacements and saves organizations money from multiple reprints.

But were you aware that badge holders can also protect the health of your employees?

A study published in the Medical Journal of Australia found that staff ID badges can become a source of bacteria that can spread infection. Because badges are worn for long periods of time without any cleaning, they pick up many germs. These germs are carried around by unaware employees and handled on a regular basis. Hospital staff and medical professionals should be especially aware of the possible health implications of their used ID cards.

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To protect both ID cards and employees - your most valuable asset - provide employees with sealable ID holders that isolate the badge from any germs or bacteria. Protect your investments and promote a healthy workplace by having a small inventory of sealable ID holders on hand for employees to choose from. For as low as $0.59, you can maintain both your health and safety standards by having employees replace their badge holders on a regular basis.