Badge Reels Offer Function and Convenience for all Industries

Badge Reels Offer Function and Convenience for all Industries

As you begin to design ID cards for your organization, you should consider how your employees, students, or staff will wear their cards. After all, if your ID cards aren't used by your employees, they won't do your organization much good! Consider badge reels, a convenient and functional option for wearing ID cards, for every member of your team.

Badge reels extend up to 36 inches, so they are a preferred ID card accessory if you need to swipe a card for door access. They can also be worn in a variety of places. Employees can choose to attach their badge reel on a belt, pocket, or purse. Badge reels keep ID cards and keys secure by keeping items close to the body and visible to others.

You can choose from several badge reel attachments to find the one that will work best for your organization. Most badge reels come with a metal slide clip or swivel clip attachment, but IDville also offers a plastic clip for a more comfortable wear against skin. Carabiner clip and belt strap attachments fasten to belts and belt loops without marking belts or clothes.

Badge reels can provide an added benefit to any industry. Different badge reel styles and designs offer unique functionality for individuals. Consider the following applications for schools, healthcare organizations, manufacturing facilities, and construction:

Badge Reels in Schools. Teachers and staff can choose a fashion badge reel to display their ID badge at school. The unique designs promote the teaching profession, cancer awareness, working with children, or individual flair. The fun designs will be more appealing to both the staff and the students.

Badge Reels in Healthcare. Children's hospitals and pediatrician's offices can take advantage of fun animal shaped badge reels to distract young patients in the exam room. Hospital employees will also appreciate the medical badge reel with a plastic clip that provides a more comfortable fit on scrubs or against skin. The retractable cord also makes it easy to swipe for door access or to buy a cup of coffee in the hospital cafeteria.

Badge Reels in Manufacturing and Construction. Badge reels are a great option for manufacturing or construction workers. The function of a badge reel keeps the ID card close to the body and out of the way. Plus, heavy duty designs are a long-lasting option for these tough industries. New badge reel options also include helpful tools, such as an LED light and tape measure, that can be useful in any work environment.

IDville has a comprehensive offering of badge reels to fit any organization. Contact our experienced identification experts for help selecting the right badge reel for your organization via email or by calling 1.866.438.4553.

Product Spotlight: New Customer Favorite Badge Reels

The retractable cord found on badge reels has made it a favorite among customers who are looking for a convenient way to swipe an ID card. The new customer favorite Carabiner with Stopper badge reel has the ability to stop the cord. When you pull the cord from the badge reel, it stays at the length you stop pulling. To retract, simply press a button on top of the badge reel. This badge reel has a carabiner attachment and a clear strap with button closer to hold the ID card.

Expert's Corner: Badge Reels for Beginners

Are you new to the world of staff and student identification? Did you just purchase your ID Maker ID card system, and you're in the process of implementing ID cards? If that's the case, badge reels may be a foreign item to you!

I recommend you watch our badge reel product video to learn more about all the different attachment and display options that badge reels offer. In this short video, our identification experts demonstrate the different badge reel options and make valuable suggestions to help you find the right badge reel for your organization.

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Do you think badge reels are the right ID card display for you? Request a sample from the IDville identification experts today by contacting us at via email or by calling 1.866.438.4553.

David, Identification Expert

Case Study: Duty Badge Reels Durable Enough for Manufacturing

A manufacturing facility is a tough work environment that requires durable equipment to get the job done. From supportive shoes to a long lasting badge reel, employees and managers need to be able to rely on their equipment.

At one manufacturing facility in Burnet, Texas, the heavy duty badge reel is the trusted accessory for the Emergency Response Team.

"We are using the larger badge holders for our Emergency Response Team members who are required to carry valuable information with them at all times," said the safety manager. "The weight of the badges made using regular badge reels useless."

The heavy duty badge reel is made of a metal casing, and the strong polyester retractable cord has the ability to hold more than just a single ID card.

"The heavy duty badge reels not only seem to hold our badges in place after retraction," the safety manager said."They also provide the durability needed in our manufacturing facility."

If your employees are carrying multiple ID cards, heavy badges, or keys, a heavy duty badge reel is the durable and reliable choice for you.