Become the Office Super Hero with Employee Time and Attendance Tracking System

Become the Office Super Hero with an Employee Time and Attendance Tracking System

In 2012, organizations are looking to be smarter, faster, and leaner. Competition is as fierce as ever, and your internal processes need to be efficient in order to stay ahead of the rest. Is your time and attendance system hurting or helping you reach your goals?

Time and attendance systems are integral to organizations with hourly employees. Accurate employee time records are important to payroll and compliance standards. By implementing a smarter, faster, and leaner system in 2012, you can free up time for the IT team, Human Resources, and Managers to spend on more strategic initiatives. Here's how:

  1. Smarter
    A time and attendance system will integrate with your payroll, keeping all necessary information in one place. You also have more reporting capabilities that you can export in your preferred style. Generate standard reports covering schedules, personnel, departments, and payroll or create your own custom reports for your unique needs. That's smart.
  2. Faster
    Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) time and attendance programs give your organization the most up-to-date version of your program. Web-based SaaS doesn't require installation on servers or timely update downloads. You can have a new SaaS time and attendance program up and running in a matter of days, not weeks and without getting the IT department involved. Plus, online training tutorials allow you to become familiar with the new system on your time. That's fast.
  3. Leaner
    Cut the clerical work out of your current timecard reporting process by automating employee punches with a time clock. Managers will eliminate the need to manually enter time cards, providing thousands in time savings for your organization. That's lean.

A time and attendance system allows your organization to operate smarter, faster, and leaner. Show your organization the Return on Investment you could experience from an updated system and become the Office Super Hero this year.

Product Spotlight: Quantix

Quantix is the ultimate time and attendance solution for organizations looking to immediately automate their processes. A Software-as-a-Service system (SaaS), Quantix can be set up and running in three simple steps. Work with our Quantix specialist to walk you through implementation or follow the easy online tutorials. Request a Quantix Information Packet today and try Quantix free for 30 days!

Expert's Corner: Save Thousands with Time and Attendance Automation

If you do not have an automated time and attendance system, you may be surprised at how much your current system is costing your organization!

Studies show it takes about seven minutes to enter each timecard per pay period. When you automate the timecard process with a time clock, you can save thousands. For example, a manager with ten reports who enters timecards every other week will spend thirty hours entering timecards in one year. That's thirty hours per manager that could be better spent!

Time and attendance automation also reduces time theft that results from early arrivals, late departures, or long breaks. If your new system recovers only five minutes per employee per day, you can save nearly $10,000 per year!

Find out how much your organization can save by using our Return on Investment Calculator.

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David, IDville ID Specialist

Case Study: VIP Card Program Improves Hospital Name Recognition

St. Mark's Medical Center is a state-of-the-art hospital that serves the residents of central Texas. When the hospital first opened, it implemented a VIP card program to gain name recognition in the community. The program consisted of a PVC card that provided individuals with special services and discounts when presented at the hospital. The card also reminded the holder of special services offered at St. Mark's.

The hospital designed their VIP cards using the ID Maker system. With dual sided capability, they created a vivid, edge-to-edge full color design. The VIP cards feature the hospital's logo on both sides along with critical hospital information. The eye catching card is carried in VIP member wallets and acts as a unique and valuable marketing tool.

To get started creating your own VIP program, request a System Information Pack.