Benefits of an Onsite ID Card System

The Benefits of an Onsite ID Card System in Your Organization

Do you know what an ID card system can do for you? Having the capability to create your own ID cards onsite provides many benefits to your organization. You can create your own ID card design and change it at will, add custom security features, print specialty badges for events, and more.

The ID Maker suite of one box photo ID card systems provides a variety of capabilities for organizations of all sizes and industries. The systems are designed to streamline processes and add efficiencies. Plus, it's easy to learn how to use them, and you can begin making ID cards in 15 minutes.

Find out which system is right for you and your organization by requesting our free system selection guide. It contains detailed information about the different printers and a helpful comparison chart. Request your copy today.

Industry ID Card System Feature Benefit to Organization Recommended Printer
Education Print replacement ID cards whenever a student, staff, or faculty members needs one. Eliminate the time students and staff go without an ID card. ID Maker Advantage.
Learn more about this system.
Healthcare Print ID cards in 23 seconds to identify visitors, vendors, and maintenance crews on-the-spot. Maintain a safe and secure facility where everyone is clearly identified. ID Maker Secure.
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Government Add custom holographic overlays to ID card designs. Create your own secure ID cards that meet local and federal ID guidelines. ID Maker Secure.
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Small Business Design and print as many or as few ID cards that you need to identify your entire team. Put your best foot forward with customers and vendors when employees wear professional looking ID cards. ID Maker Value.
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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: New Fashion ID Accessories

Once you've found the right ID card system for your organization, display your ID card in style with new fashion ID accessories. Choose from trendy badge reels and lanyards that will properly display your ID card. Since you have to wear your ID every day, wear in your own, fashionable way!

EXPERT'S CORNER: Finding the Right Printer

Purchasing a photo ID card system can be a daunting task. There are so many different options, capabilities, and features to choose from! To help our customers find the perfect system for their needs, we ask them to first answer five questions:

  1. Will I print on one or both sides of the card?
  2. Is my print volume low, medium, or high?
  3. What is my budget?
  4. Do I need anti-forgery features?
  5. Will the cards be used for access or time and attendance tracking?

For more help selecting a photo ID card system, request our system information packet. You can also send your ID card or ID card printer questions to me at Your question may be featured in the next issue of our IDentify Newsletter!

David, IDville ID Specialist

Case Study: College Discovers Ease of Onsite ID Card System

Wilmington College is a private, graduate and undergraduate college in New Castle, Delaware with a student body of over 10,000 at six locations. With a growing student body and a need to keep up with the changing technological trends, Wilmington needed a new identification system.

Erin Harvey, Sports Information Director for Wilmington College, was in charge of helping to update the current ID system. They were currently relying on a manual, labor-intensive process to create ID cards, but the student body was growing and hand-assembling thousands of IDs was becoming too much. Plus, the quality of the laminated ID card was minimal. Harvey wanted a "quick, digital, high-quality ID producing system."

Harvey selected a dual sided ID Maker Advantage system, and designed Wilmington's IDs to feature a picture of the college campus on the front and the school policy on the back. Now when a student loses their ID, staff can look up their information and print them a new ID within seconds. "The IDs are much nicer looking and the time required to print them is amazing compared to the old system," Harvey commented.

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