Choosing the System that's Right for You

Choosing the System that�s Right for You

Choosing the System that's Right for You

An identification system can elevate security at your organization and save time in the process. A comprehensive identification system can streamline access control, update security and create a professional, unified look among employees. However, selecting the appropriate system can be intimidating. When you research identification systems, use the following criteria as a guide to find the right system for your organization.

Will you be printing on one side or two? Not all systems print on both sides of an ID card. Think about the information on the card and its purpose before you begin shopping. A double-sided printer allows for more room and features for carrying information.

How many cards do you plan to print in a year? The best system for you will depend on the quantity and frequency of cards you'll create as it's important to select a system that will last. Will you need to make new cards each year for students or only when new hire s join the team?

What security features are important? Identification printers vary in their security capabilities. While some printers have the ability to create a magnetic stripe on a card, others meet local and federal government ID guidelines with anti-copying watermark capability. What security measures are required in your organization or what do you hope to achieve with a new system?

For more detailed information about selecting an identification system, contact the identification experts at IDville to receive a custom Photo ID System Selection guide.

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Tips & Tricks

Using ID Maker 2.0, you can easily make your badge more secure!  Standard security features include ghost photo, watermark images, barcode and mag-stripe.  These simple additions to a badge will help to promote a safe and secure environment without sacrificing design or simplicity.

Case Study: Iron County Medical Care Facility

As a long-term care facility, it's important that Iron County Medical Care Facility (ICMCF) of Michigan provide a setting where patients feel safe and secure. However, ICMCF Director of Security, Stacy Donati, was aware that the facility's current identification system had many shortcomings.

With more than 300 employees and volunteers throughout the care facility, Donati needed the ability to personalize badges in a timely manner. It was also important that the badges clearly communicate access restrictions.

Through IDville, Stacy was able to purchase the system components she needed to accommodate ICMCF's identification and security needs. "It is very easy to personalize the design and layout of the cards to suit our needs with the very simple ID Maker software," Donati says. The new badges include a photo and clear title description. To ensure the best card visibility, employees display their ID cards with lanyards.

With their new updated security processes, ICMCF has experienced the many benefits - clearer identification, increased security, and streamlined systems - an identification system offers.

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