Comfortable Ways to Wear your ID Badge

Comfortable Ways to Wear your ID Badge

ID badges are an important part of your organization's safety and security strategy, but they're only effective if employees wear them. If you offer employees comfortable options for wearing their ID badges, they'll be more likely to comply with your policy.

Thankfully, there are more ID badge display options available than ever before, so you can provide options that appeal to all of your employees' preferences. Purchase a variety of ID badge accessories and invite employees to "shop" your supply for their ID badge accessory of choice.

We recommend a selection of ID badge accessories that includes the following options and features:

  1. Metal-Free ID Badge Accessories. Hospital and manufacturing equipment is often sensitive to metal, limiting your badge accessory options. With new silicone lanyards and badge holders, employees can comply with the ID badge policy without endangering expensive machinery.
  2. Breakaway Option for Safety. Make employees feel comfortable wearing their ID badge with a built in safety feature. Breakaway lanyards are designed to come apart if a large amount of stress is put on them. If the lanyard were to be caught on a piece of equipment, it would come off preventing any injury to the individual.
  3. Stylish Options. An ID badge is rarely an employees' accessory of choice, so make it easier for them to wear it every day by offering fashion badge reel and fashion lanyard options. The colorful accessories allow employees to express their style and personality at the same time they follow safety procedures.
  4. Clean and Safe ID Badge Accessory Choices. Health is a top priority for organizations. Healthy employees are more productive and miss fewer days at work, so make sure their ID badge accessory options encourage good health. Antimicrobial lanyards prevent the spread of mold, fungus, or odor causing substances, and ID Grippers can be washed. Clean ID badges will inhibit the spread of germs, colds, and sick days in your organization.
Product Spotlight: ID Grippers

Only at IDville! ID Grippers are a comfortable new option for displaying ID cards. ID Grippers are made of silicone, so they're incredibly durable and won't tear or fray. Both lanyard and badge holder options are available. A great solution for work environments, ID Grippers are metal-free, can be washed to prevent the spread of germs, and come standard with a breakaway option.

Expert's Corner: Many Ways to Wear Your ID Badge

Just as grabbing your keys as you walk out the door is second-nature, putting on your ID badge should be habitual, too. You may be required to wear an ID badge for identification, to mark your timecard, or open a door at work. If you don't have your badge, you have a problem!

IDville offers a wide range of products to keep your ID badge close but not in your way. Find the accessory that fits your personal style, badge functionality, and frequency from our extensive collection. Because wearing your ID badge should be easy - like grabbing your keys as you walk out the door!

How do you decide which ID badge accessory is right for you? Think about how you will wear it, how you will use it, and how often you will need it. For more guidance, read "Ways to Wear Your Badge" in the Knowledge Center.

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Case Study: Custom Lanyards Encourage Interaction at Community Event

Your ID badge accessory influences how identification is used in your organization or at an event. For the past two years, IDville has provided custom lanyards for ArtPrize, the world's largest art prize event that takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The identification has encouraged increased interaction among volunteers, staff, artists, and visitors, making the event more memorable for all involved.

All ArtPrize participating artists receive a custom lanyard and a name badge which is displayed in a badge holder. The badge identifies them as artists, and it makes visitors more comfortable to engage them in conversation regarding their piece of art.

Interaction between artists and the public is one of the unique elements of ArtPrize that could not be accomplished without clear identification!

To learn more, read the complete case study on the IDville Blog.