Design Photo IDs with Ease

ID Maker 3.0: Design & print photo IDs with ease!

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You walk into the office on a weekday and assume it's going to be a typical day in the office. However, one of your employees stops by your office and has misplaced their employee ID card which allows them access into the building and to clock in and out on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this isn't an easy fix because you outsource your ID cards and it will take a week or more to get a replacement. What you thought would turn out to be a normal weekday has instantly caused you a headache, right? Wrong!

Having an onsite ID card system gives you the capability to create your own ID cards right from your desktop and provides many benefits to your organization. You can create your own ID card design and change it as you please, add custom security features such as a barcode or magnetic stripe, and even print specialty badges for events.

With ID Maker software it's never been easier to create and print photo IDs from your own desktop. That means no more sending out employee information and waiting weeks for a replacement card to arrive. The all-new ID Maker 3.0 has a streamlined interface with added features that allows you endless possibilities when it comes to creating photo IDs.

Whether you're in the healthcare, education, financial, or government industry, there's a photo identification solution for you. To learn more about how photo IDs can add additional security and work in your office, click here.

Product Spotlight: ID Maker 3.0

ID Maker 3.0 software is now compatible with popular networking and database management systems, bringing user-friendly ID card management technology to your office or campus which in turn makes your job simpler and faster!

All-new features include:

Redesigned User Interface: Intuitive menus speed up the design process; quickly add elements and easily add sophisticated programming in just a few clicks.

Enhanced Camera Tool: Compatible with MS Directshow devices and updated Canon cameras. With ultimate control for the end-user, you'll take better pictures, faster!

Live Text Editing: No more navigating around in multiple pop-ups! With live text editing, easily make changes and see how they look instantly.

Smart Card Encoding: The most secure credential. Incorporate multiple systems, door access, vending, and store biometric information all on your ID card.

Built-In Supply Reorder Tool: On-screen supplies status for ID Maker printers with quick links for easy reordering. Not sure what you need? Try the IDville Supply Locator!

Expert's Corner: Find the right printer

There are so many different options, capabilities, and features to choose from in an ID card system that it can quickly become a daunting task. To help you find the perfect system, ask yourself these five critical questions:

  1. Will I print on one or both sides of the card?
  2. Is my print volume low, medium, or high?
  3. What is my budget?
  4. Do I need anti-forgery features?
  5. Will the cards be used for access or time and attendance tracking?

Answering these five simple questions will give you a good idea of where to start when researching an ID card system. For more help selecting a system, request one of our system information packets today.

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Dave, Product Manager

Customer Reviews: Easy-to-use ID systems are great!

Jen from Houston, TX "The software is really easy to use and a GREAT upgrade from 2.0. It gives you more options and is just plain easy to understand. It also seems to have sped up from 2.0, which is great!"

Chris from Cleveland, OH "This is the first ID Badge Maker we have ever purchased. After doing extensive research, we found ID Maker very affordable while producing a professional ID badge. Our customers see these badges everyday in all 37 locations of our quick oil change locations and have commented on how good they look!"

Nancy from Miami, FL "I will continue using the PVC plastic cards. I will also continue using the blue plastic card because we are hiring more employees. Thank you for the fast and very efficient customer service department!"