Direct Visitors in your Building with Directional Signage

Direct Visitors in your Building with Directional Signage

Create a Great First Impression with the Right Signage

IDentify Newsletter - January 2009 Edition

Your building's appearance speaks to the type of organization you are. Create a great first impression with revived signage for your entire space, and you'll soon be impressing clients, recruits and vendors with your invigorated environment. Follow our suggested equation for a revived look all of your visitors will appreciate.

Flexible Signage + Contemporary Style = Invigorated Workplace

Flexible Signage.
Today's signage offerings have the flexibility your dynamic work environment demands. Many signage options invoke the do-it-yourself spirit as you design the sign using your program of choice. To make a grand first impression, customize your front office signage for the visitor of the day by featuring their name or organization's logo. They'll be impressed you went to "such great lengths" to make them feel welcome at your facility.

Contemporary Style.
Signage is no longer restricted to the wood and brass desk plate your grandfather had in his office. Your options for signage are as numerous as the information you display. Find the look that best represents the feel of your organization for signage that’s most effective. For a more modern and contemporary feel, select an acrylic or glass display with brushed nickel accents.

Invigorated Workplace.
With personalized signage and an updated look, your work environment will soon be impressing visitors and making familiar faces feel right at home. Do your math correctly for a result that’s sure to impress!

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