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Do It Yourself (DIY) projects are usually less expensive than hiring a professional and often get completed quicker. When it comes to identification, there are many things you can do yourself to save time and money, too. With the right tools, you can create professional-looking signs, name tags and ID cards that will impress even the keenest eye!

Wall Signs. Post directional signs and label key rooms and offices with wall signs. You can design and print signs from your own computer using our popular ClearLook signage. Sandwich your printout between two pieces of clear acrylic and hang it yourself for a sign that visitors will think was created professionally.

Name Tags. If you're in a customer-focused industry, your employees most likely wear nametags. Reduce your nametag investment with Quick Print Name Tags and create a label of the employees' name and apply it to the name tag. Name tags are engraved with your logo or your choice of graphic. You'll be able to instantly make name tags for new employees and reuse old name tags, too!

ID Cards. The ultimate DIY identification tool is a photo ID card printer. Using ID Maker software, you can create photo ID cards on the spot for employees, visitors, contractors and volunteers. Once you have your photo ID card printer set up, you'll find many additional uses for it! You can create labels, make wallet size info cards and design ID cards for events.


An IDville best seller, ClearLook Signage puts the power of sign design in your hands. Design and print your sign from your computer and assemble the acrylic pieces for a professional looking display. Because you create the signs yourself, they are completely versatile. You can create new signs when it's time to update information.


In a busy office, having accessible identification can make an impact on the work environment. For Mobius Industries USA, Inc., a government contracting business, identification is a priority.

The company provides Classic Desktop Nameplates for each employee in their Redmond, Washington office. When a new employee starts at Mobius, he is welcomed to the company with a desktop name plate and greeted with a sign on the door to his office. The sign states the individual's name, title and the Mobius company logo.

Desktop Nameplates can be engraved, or you can choose the DIY version and print your own desktop signage.


For the DIY expert, you want the ability to make custom creations quickly. Take advantage of the many ID Maker templates to make ID card creation easy. ID Maker has over 300 predesigned templates, background and clip art designs. You can create and save your own templates, too, so you can create an ID card for multiple people and occasions on the spot.

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David, IDville ID Specialist