Do-It-Yourself Identification

Do-It-Yourself Identification

Do-It-Yourself Identification

Custom identification makes a great impression in a building, but it isn't always feasible for an organization's budget or timeline. Often organizations need a quick, easy solution for identifying both their facilities and their personnel. Create your own signage, identification badges, and identification accessories with do-it-yourself (DIY) identification solutions.

In some situations, DIY identification is the best identification solution. Whether your organization is undergoing many changes or you simply need a low-cost solution to facility and personnel identification, identification today is quick and easy for anyone to administer. Below are three examples of situations when DIY identification is the most advantageous identification solution.

Temporary facility
If you are working in a temporary facility or your building is under construction, print and post signage allows you to create signs for the facility without breaking the bank. Using templates, a printer and special perforated paper, you can create signs for temporary meeting rooms or offices. Once you move into the new space, replace the print-outs and re-use the sign holders.

Seasonal staff
If you employ a large number of seasonal staff, you want to maintain security standards without busting your budget. You can quickly and easily design your own identification badges using IDMaker identification software. After designing your badge, print the design on to an adhesive ID laminate which can be attached to a PVC card or HID proxcard. When the employee returns the badge at the end of the season, reuse the badge by applying a new label.

Large event
If you are planning to host a large event at your facility, DIY identification can offer many creative options. You can easily create festive-event badges for your guests with badge stock template paper. And for a grand impression, design your own lanyards online to include your organization's name and logo.

Your DIY identification will look so impressive, visitors will think you had it professionally done!

Case Study: Quiksilver Doesn't Play Games with ID Badges

Companies have different identification needs due to size, number of locations, and type of work. Quiksilver, who designs, produces and distributes sports apparel, equipment and accessories, needed an identification badge that could play as hard as its 3,500 employees.

Quiksilver's Building Security Director Todd Dickson came to IDville in search of an up-to-date photo ID system that was user friendly, durable and could create different types of badges. Todd decided on a single-sided printer system. The badges he has created with his new system are tamper resistant and include a holographic watermark of the employee's photo for increased security.

Todd's employee badges will have a long life span and save the company money as they are protected by a clear plastic badge holder and worn by employees with strap clips. "IDville is a great resource for anyone using a form of identification. Whether it is a three-person company or a huge organization, I have no doubt that IDville can meet their needs," said Todd.

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