Eco-Friendly Identifiers

Eco-Friendly Identifiers

IDentify Newsletter - April 2009 Edition

Eco-Friendly Identifiers

Earth Day is quickly approaching on April 22! The holiday annually inspires awareness and appreciation for the Earth. It's also an opportune time to reconsider your organization's sustainability practices. Identification is an important part of your organization and should also reflect your organization's environmental stance.

To make your organization more earth-friendly, consider these sustainable identification options offered by IDville:

Identification System - Streamlining your identification system from the paper and laminate card to PVC badges will cut down on the amount of waste your identification process creates. PVC cards are more durable and last longer than paper ID cards, reducing the number of cards created and wasted.

Recycled Badge Accessories - Now you can keep your team equipped with the necessary badge accessories while using sustainable products. For conferences, special events or just everyday, selecting a recycled lanyard makes a statement to your attendees that they'll carry with them.

Sustainable Signage - Display your commitment to the environment with new Environmental Signage. Made from sustainable resources, birch and bamboo, this signage is an earth-friendly option for your entire office. If you want to make an impression on customers, vendors and visitors, earth-friendly signage is the way to go.

Celebrate Earth Day at your organization by switching to more sustainable identification methods!

Case Study

Quiksilver doesn't play games with ID badges

Companies have different identification needs due to size, number of locations, and type of work. Quiksilver, who designs, produces and distributes sports apparel, equipment and accessories, needed an identification badge that could play as hard as its 3,500 employees.

Quiksilver's Building Security Director Todd Dickson came to IDville in search of an up-to-date photo ID system that was user friendly, durable and could create different types of badges. Todd decided on a single-sided printer system. The badges he has created with his new system are tamper resistant and include a holographic watermark of the employee's photo for increased security.

Todd's employee badges will have a long life span and save the company money as they are protected by a clear plastic badge holder and worn by employees with strap clips. "IDville is a great resource for anyone using a form of identification. Whether it is a three-person company or a huge organization, I have no doubt that IDville can meet their needs," said Todd.

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