Five Components of an Excellent ID Card

Five Components of an Excellent ID Card


* Company Logo and Branding
Some only think of their organization's logo as a marketing tool, but incorporating this identifying marketing image onto your ID cards is one of the simplest ways to add a recognizable visual security element. Your corporate logo is an image highly recognizable by employees and security personnel, not to mention detailed and difficult to recreate.

In addition to the security benefits, a great ID is also a great marketing tool! Whether you realize it or not, your ID cards send a message to everyone who sees them so be sure your new ID design is in line with your current marketing style sheet; including consistent font, logo, text format and colors. This will reinforce your brands message to the community, vendors, customers and business partners on a daily basis.

* Data Encoding
ID cards at their best include encoded information about the user. This gives your organization a way to control access to your building or specific departments and controlled-access areas of your facility. Combined with a card reader to approve or deny admittance to these critical access-points, these encoded cards prevent you from having security personnel posted at these critical areas – ultimately saving you money on payroll.

* Signatures
When a photo isn't enough to visually identify an employee, you'll be relieved to have a copy of the authorized employees signature printed right onto the ID card. Even trained professionals have a hard time duplicating a signature on the spot. When someone's identity is in question, having this visual security reference printed right onto your ID cards is an instant way to detect a fraudulent ID card or unauthorized visitors.

* Durability
A great ID card is one you can rely on to last. Prevent the expense of re-printing cards by using ID cards made of durable materials like PVC or plastic HID smart cards. While these cards may be more expensive than their paper-stock counterparts; their long-wearing materials have been proven to last long after the paper ID cards are in the recycle bin. But if your organization isn't large enough to support a large ID printer system, consider protecting those paper-stock ID cards with a laminate coating or badge holder. The layer of protection will save you the expense of reprinting your cards multiple times, which kills the budget-friendly advantage of paper-stock ID cards in the first place!