How id cards will improve your next event

How ID Cards Will Improve Your Next Event

The end of the year is a popular time for events, whether it's a conference, team meeting, fundraiser, or company gala. Regardless of the type of event you're planning, identifying the key participants can be important to a successful event experience. Follow our Event ID Guidelines to create the proper identification for your event.

  1. What type of ID card will you use?

    Many events use adhesive name tags for attendee IDs. However, creating a PVC ID card can be a simpler process and portray a more professional appearance.

    ID Maker software makes it easy to input a database of attendee information into an ID card template. While creating adhesive name badges typically uses a word processor program and can be a slow and tedious process.

    PVC ID cards also present a more professional appearance at events and impress attendees. PVC ID cards are a longer lasting option, and you have more design capabilities when you use an identification software program. Unlike adhesive name tags, PVC ID cards won't damage clothing.

  2. How will attendees display ID cards at the event?

    Consider the recommended event attire and any activities before deciding on your ID card accessories. For instance, if you are hosting a formal event, we recommend an ID card accessory that hangs around an individual's neck. Most people do not want to attach a ID badge clip to their formal outfit. Lanyards are the most popular for display ID cards at events. They don't attach to clothing, and they can be displayed on a beaded neck chain or clear plastic lanyard. For a more discreet ID card attachment, add magnets to the back of the ID card.

  3. How will you identify different event attendees?

    If you have different groups in attendance, such as staff, volunteers, attendees, and guests of honor, use your event ID cards to clarify who's who. Use different color ID cards or lanyards to provide visual identification from a distance. For example, volunteer lanyards may be orange, staff lanyards may be yellow, and attendee lanyards may be black. You can also add labels to ID accessories, such as badge holders that are labeled "staff."

    You can also identify guests of honor in a special way to ensure they get the treatment they deserve at your event. Award winners, speakers, or honored donors should be clearly identified with a special logo or ID card accessory. This small touch can make special guests feel recognized and ensure that every volunteer or staff member addresses them correctly.

  4. Will you create ID cards ahead of time or on site?

    With an ID card printer, you have the capability to create ID cards quickly, so you can create PVC ID cards on-site if necessary.

    If attendees are required to register for your event or you collect RSVPs, we recommend you create ID cards beforehand to save time and stress on the day of the event. However, you should always have blank ID cards available for last minute attendees.

Product Spotlight: Event Bundles

When you're planning an event, you have lots of details to manage! Simplify the identification of your attendees by purchasing all the necessary ID accessories in one bundle. Our event bundles include badge holders and lanyards in the color of your choice, and you can choose from horizontal or vertical orientation to accommodate your ID badge design.

Expert's Corner: Streamline Event ID Cards with ID Maker 2.0

ID cards can make your event appear more professional and make a lasting impression on your attendee. They can streamline your planning process, too.

Using ID Maker 2.0 software, you can create a database of all your attendee information: name, table assignment, company, etc. Design your ID card with graphics that coordinate with the theme of your event or include important event information.

Next, print all the ID cards. Our ID Maker Advantage prints one card every 24 seconds, so you'll be done in no time! Plus, with your ID card design already created, it's easy if you need to add a last minute attendee.

Send your ID card or ID card printer questions to me at Your question may be featured in the next issue of our Identify Newsletter!

David, Identification Expert

Case Study: ID Cards Become Treasured Memento

Each year, Baudville and IDville celebrate the end of the year with a company party. Our Year End Party is known for its creative themes which are applied to the invitation, table decorations, and ID cards. Every attendee is given a PVC ID card with their name, table assignment, and an image representing the theme on it.

At the event, employees from all different departments and teams sit together and participate in a number of activities. The ID cards ensure employees know the names of their tablemates, even if they have never worked together!

Plus, the ID cards have a souvenir value to employees, many of whom save their cards from previous events and display them at their desk. The ID cards remind employees of the themes from past parties and serve as a reminder of the event - building anticipation for the next year!