I have lost my ID card

I've lost my ID card!

If you don't currently print ID cards onsite at your office, hearing "I've lost my ID card" from your employees is probably a nightmare. When employees lose an ID card that means you have to not only wait days or potentially weeks to receive the ID, it also means that you have to reach to your outside vendor and send out information for the new ID. This can be a cumbersome process but can easily be avoided with an onsite ID card system.

The ID Maker suite is an ID card system packaged with all of the components you need to be up and running and printing IDs within 15 minutes. With new and improved software and capabilities, it's easier than ever to design professional IDs from your own desktop. You no longer need to wait days or weeks to receive your employee IDs!

Find out which system is right for your organization by requesting our free system selection guide. It contains detailed information about each system and the software it comes with.

Industry ID Card System Feature Benefit to Organization Recommended Printer
Education Print replacement ID cards whenever a student, staff, or faculty member needs one. Eliminate the time students and staff go without an ID card. ID Maker Advantage.
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Healthcare Print ID cards in 23 seconds to identify visitors, vendors, and maintenance crews on-the-spot. Maintain a safe and secure facility where everyone is clearly identified. ID Maker Secure.
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Government Add custom holographic overlays to ID card designs. Create your own secure ID cards that meet local and federal ID guidelines. ID Maker Secure.
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Small Business Design and print as many or as few ID cards that you need to identify your entire team. Put your best foot forward with customers and vendors when employees wear professional looking ID cards. ID Maker Value.
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Product Spotlight: ID Maker 3.0

The ALL-NEW ID Maker 3.0 is the most robust, easy-to-use product for designing, printing, and encoding your ID cards. It has a streamlined interface with added features such as database integration, smart card encoding, and an enhanced camera tool. 3.0 is now compatible with popular networking and database management systems, bringing user-friendly ID card management technology to your office or campus.

ID Maker 3.0:

  • Enhances compatibility with commonly-used operating systems to ensure future alignment with software packages
  • Comes with an improved camera tool to ensure ease of use and the highest quality photos
  • Is designed with modern and competitive features to provide the best in class badging software

See it in action today and watch a brief ID Maker 3.0 video!

Expert's Corner: ID Accessories Are Key

ID cards are an important part of an organization, but they are only effective if employees display them properly. With so many options available, let us help you find the right solution for your team. Let's examine the 4 most popular ID card accessories.

Lanyards: If visual identification is important, lanyards are the best way to encourage employees to keep their ID cards in plain sight. Lanyards are a safe ID card display option, too, thanks to the breakaway function. Lanyards are completely customizable and great for organizations trying to promote identity as well as safety.

Badge Reels: If your employees use their ID cards to get into the building or as part of a time and attendance system, badge reels are a functional option. Badge reels are also popular for employees who need to carry keys. Because a badge reel is usually worn on a belt, keys are never left out of the employee's sight.

Badge Clips: If you're on a budget but still find ID card display important, strap clips are an economical way to keep your organization identified. An ID card with a strap clip can be attached to anything, such as shirt pockets, belts, even key rings, and various strap clip lengths are available.

Badge Holders: To prolong the life of your ID cards, use badge holders as protection. Badge holders protect an ID card from natural elements and wear and tear, allowing ID cards to last much longer. As a result, you won't have to make nearly as many ID card reprints and will save your organization money in the long run.

Customer Reviews: Read what they have to say!

Pastelillo from Orland, FL "I just love this machine. It took only a few minutes to setup and the quality is SO sharp. Now we have really professional looking ID's for all the volunteers at our church. I totally recommend it---service with IDville is also GREAT."

GDPS from Grovetown, GA "We have saved money using the ID maker Secure. We would pay an outside company to issue department IDs. The IDs we make even looks better."

JB from Grand Rapids, MI "This system works perfectly with our setup and we are very happy that we decided to go with this company as their support staff is very knowledgeable."