ID Badge Accessories made right here in the USA

ID Badge Accessories made right here in the USA!

Think of the last time you made a purchase. Did you take a minute to check and see if that product was made in the USA? Chances are you probably didn't. It's easy to overlook. When purchasing made in USA products you're not only getting a higher quality product, but you're also helping support local companies. These are both important factors to consider when making your daily purchases.

IDville, the leading identification and security experts for business, education, healthcare, and government, has an assortment of made in the USA products for all your photo ID accessory needs. Accessories include lanyards, retractable badge reels, badge holders, and more. A year ago we saw an increase in the amount of customer requests for made in the USA products which led us to create this new product category. Since then, we've seen an influx in the amount of American made products that are being purchased.

Buying quality American made products not only means you are helping to invest in the people, our communities, and our future - it means you are getting the best made product manufactured by American workers in American companies. We strive to maintain high standards to provide the finest quality products in the marketplace today. Our made in the USA products are featured in our catalog and on our website to bring awareness to the consumer of the products manufactured in the US.

IDville has a comprehensive offering of made in the USA products. Contact one of our experienced identification experts at 1.866.438.4553 for help selecting the right accessories for your organization or shop our selection online.

Product Spotlight: Made in USA Accessories

IDville offers lanyards, retractable badge reels, and badge holders all made right here in the USA! Choose from lanyards with a breakaway feature for added safety or a variety pack of badge reels. We are proud to support USA companies and offer made in the USA products to our customers. Click here and shop our entire stock of made in the USA products today!

Expert's Corner: Which made in the USA accessory is right for you?

Just because July is over doesn't mean you have to put away your red, white, and blue. IDville has made in the USA products available all year long!

Lanyards: The simplest, most affordable way to keep your ID card front and center. Add a breakaway feature for additional safety for your employees.

Badge Reels: Simplify frequent ID badge scanning. Badge reels offer convenience for holding your ID card, keys, and other essentials on a daily basis. Choose from red, white, blue, or a patriotic design!

Badge Holders: Display your ID without having to use a slot punch. Badge holders extend the life of your ID card and protect the data stored on it.

Do you think one of our made in the USA accessories are the right ID card display for you? Request a sample from the IDville identification experts today by calling 1.866.438.4553 or emailing me at

Customer Reviews: Read what they have to say!

Customer feedback is very important to us as we continually improve and update our product line. That's why we love to hear from you! See what some of our customers had to say about their recent made in the USA product purchases.

Esther with Betasso Water Treatment Plant in Colorado says: "We are very pleased with our recent made in the USA purchase. We ordered heavy duty badge reels for our employees that work in the plant. They use their ID badges to get access in and out of the doors and facility. The ones we've ordered before weren't big enough to clip over the heavy duty belts they're required to wear. I made the purchase because they were American made. I will definitely order for IDville again when we need more accessories!"

Susan with the Fairfield County Board of Elections in Ohio commented: "I ordered the American flag badge reels that are made in the USA because I was looking for something with a patriotic motif. The fact that it was made in the USA is wonderful! I believe we should keep our own people working. I personally have the attitude that even if it costs fifty cents more it's worth it to keep it in our own economy. I really like these products and will definitely use IDville for future ID badge accessories!"

If you'd like to provide us your feedback, simply email our identification experts at We look forward to hearing from you!