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Creating a professional ID card is easier than it looks, and it doesn't take someone in IT to put the printer system together and use it! Because we know that organizations are doing more with less, IDville specializes in ID card printers that anyone in your organization can feel confident using.

Implementing an ID card program brings many benefits to your organization. We talk about a lot of the benefits in this Knowledge Center article. In addition to increased security and an improved professional image, using an ID card printer is extremely easy.

Simple set up. Getting the ID Maker System started is simple. All you have to do is install the ID Maker 2.0 software and plug in the equipment. That's it! There are no complicated set-up instructions. In fact, we have a brief video that shows you exactly what to do. And with a small footprint, you can set up the printer on any desktop without it feeling intrusive.

Invest less time and money. Unlike some pieces of technology, an ID card printer does save you time and hassle. Before converting to an ID card printer, many organizations print paper badges, cut them out and laminate each one. This is an arduous process especially compared to the quick print job an ID card printer can do.

Easy features. In addition to creating great looking ID cards, the ID Maker 2.0 software that comes with IDville systems enables you to streamline other processes at your organization. You can use the program for data reporting, to create a directory, and quickly print reprint cards.

Lifetime support. Using an ID card printer is simple, but it's common to have questions, too. At IDville, lifetime technical support is included in the purchase of your ID card printer. If you ever need assistance with your printer, help is only a phone call away!


Complement your new ID cards with custom lanyards for a unified and professional look. Like IDville's ID card printers, the custom lanyard process is extremely fast and easy thanks to our Lanyard Wizard. Use your organization's colors, logo and name to create a lanyard that will conveniently display ID cards and look great, too!


For a busy school, getting the most out of its investments is important. At St. Catherine of Sienna School in the greater New York City area, the school is taking advantage of its IDville ID card printer by using it for both security and functionality.

"Our identification system is used two-fold. It acts as a security feature for student ID cards, which include students' pictures and names, and also for checking out library books and buying lunches," explained Principal Scott Conway. Scott designs the ID cards with a barcode on the back, which allows the cards to double as a library and debit lunch card.


The ID Maker 2.0 software is full of helpful tricks that makes it easier for you to design great looking ID cards. For instance, you can lock elements of your ID card layout. Locking an element will hold its position so it cannot be moved to another position on the card.

To lock an element, click the appropriate element on the card so that a red box appears around it. Then click on the padlock button (under the Formatting tab in the Card Creation window) to 'Lock it'. To the right of the card layout, a lock icon is visible. The icon will appear red when an element is selected and locked.

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David, IDville ID Specialist