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Each June, the National Safety Council (NSC) encourages businesses to promote and improve safety during National Safety Month. You can use the NSC's timely reminder to review your organization's safety policies and practices. Safety policies and procedures prevent accidents, injuries and death in the workplace. Implementing employee ID badges is an important part of a safety policy and can make your organization a safer place for employees.

Visual RecognitionID cards provide visual recognition of every person in your building, making it easy for security personnel or employees to identify persons who don't belong.

Building Access – Coordinate employee ID cards with access control through proximity cards. An access control system allows all employees to enter the building at will while requiring visitors to enter through a monitored entrance. You also have the ability to disable an employee's card if he is no longer allowed in the building.

Picture Directory – Using ID Maker software, you can easily create an employee photo directory for your employee handbook or intranet. The picture directory allows employees to become familiar with new faces around the building.

Visitor Management – Utilize your photo ID card printer to create visitor ID badges. Visitor ID badges signal to employees that the visitor is permitted to be in the building. Create badges for contractors or consultants who visit regularly to encourage an atmosphere of teamwork.

National Safety Month is the ideal time to implement an ID card safety policy or upgrade your current policy. When employees feel safe at work, they are more productive, engaged and less likely to use disability benefits. To conduct a thorough review of your organization's safety policies, reference our Workplace Security Audit available in our Knowledge Center.


For National Safety Month, review your visitor policy. Are visitors required to enter through a monitored entrance? Are they given a visitor name badge or required to register? Maintaining a record of visitors can help keep your building safe and secure. IDville's Secure Visitor Log-In System is a complete visitor management system you can immediately implement at your front entrance. The system creates a record of visitors and name badges at the same time.


Safety programs are common practice at many organizations, but the effectiveness of those programs is determined by the involvement and dedication of the employees.

A Pennsylvanian plastics manufacturer recognized how crucial employee involvement is in creating a safe work environment. However, the programs were lacking active employee involvement – a vital element of keeping the workplace safe. The company acknowledged the importance of safety programs and took actions to make improvements.

To encourage greater employee ownership of the programs and to prevent injuries on-site, employees who are "caught" being safe are rewarded with lapel pins. Lapel pins are a great incentive for employees as different style pins can identify specific behaviors or training levels. Supervisors have given lapel pins to individuals who have had fire prevention training as well as members of the safety team. Lapel pins can easily be displayed on ID badge holders or lanyards to encourage the employee to comply with your safety policy.


You can easily make your ID cards more secure and fraud-proof with the ID Maker software. Within the ID Maker program, you have the ability to add a signature, ghost photo, fingerprint, or even mask your barcode. To add one of these elements, simply click on Modify > Add an Element right from the Card Creation screen.

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David, IDville ID Specialist