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Workplace and employee security remains a top concern for employers this year. High profile workplace violence cases have caught the attention of employers and employees across the country. These recent events have reiterated the fact that employers need to take preventative measures to keep employees safe at work.

Employees who feel safe and secure at work are more engaged, more productive and are more likely to stay at a company. To maintain a safe work environment, it's important to conduct regular safety reviews. Review your security policies and procedures. Take the time to give employees additional training or communication on your organization's security plan. And update your plans to include workplace violence prevention and reaction procedures.

Building access and employee identification is an important part of a comprehensive safety policy. Employee identification badges give employees access to the building and provide visual affirmation that an employee belongs in the building. Be sure to keep your employee ID badges up to date, and create a design with enhanced security features to prevent unauthorized reproductions.

Employers Can Minimize Risk of Workplace Violence

Although workplace violence seems like a distant reality for many employers, the FBI estimates that one million people are exposed to some workplace violence each year. Employers are required by federal law to provide a safe working environment for employees, and identification plays an important role. Conduct a security audit of your facilities and consider implementing or improving access control and employee identification. To conduct your own workplace security audit, follow IDville's checklist available on our website.

Student Identification Card Stickers Not Reliable for Security, Yale University Decides
Yale Daily News

Following the murder of Yale University graduate student Annie Le in September 2009, Yale officials have made several security policy changes. One of those changes has involved student identification cards. Previously, students placed a time sensitive sticker on their ID cards, which were checked visually. University officials decided to discontinue the use of stickers for identification as they can easily be misplaced or transferred to different cards. The University has replaced visual identification card checks with electronic scans. Each scan can be checked against a central database, improving security across campus.

Workplace Violence: Issues in Response

Violence prevention strategies and example policies are included in the FBI's report on workplace violence. The agency recommends organizations create a proactive plan that will help identify and diffuse potentially problem situations peacefully.


Secure your organization with fraud-proof identification cards. The ID Maker Secure System has increased security capabilities. The system can print a holographic watermark and program your organization's logo onto a removable card key. To find out if the ID Maker Secure System is right for you, visit or contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives at 1.866.438.4553.


ID Maker 2.0 identification software makes it easy to increase badge security. The software's standard security features include ghost photo, watermark images, barcode and mag-stripe. These simple additions to a badge prevent fraudulent cards from being created and will help to promote a safe and secure environment without sacrificing design or simplicity.


The Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA), which oversees health and safety standards for the workplace, requires employees to be properly licensed in order to use various pieces of equipment. In a manufacturing environment, it's important that these licenses and certifications be properly identified.

A Michigan furniture manufacturer uses their ID system to the fullest by integrating OSHA identifiers onto their standard employee badges. When employees obtain their license, they receive a new name badge with an icon indicating their certification. Employees have icons for hi-lo and aerial platform operation as well as First Aid.

Rather than carrying several OSHA-issued license cards, employees more effectively communicate their certification with the icon on their badge. The process is simpler for the human resource department, too, which can quickly create a new badge and have the employee immediately put his new skills to work.


To add an extra level of security to your employee identification, create custom lanyards for all employees. Employees will display their IDs with a custom lanyard, and security will have an additional visible signal that an individual does not belong in the building.

If you have ID card or ID system questions, email me at I'll answer your questions directly. Plus, your question may be featured in the next issue of our Identify Newsletter.

David, IDville ID Specialist