IDentification Systems Made Easy

IDentification Systems Made Easy

IDentify Newsletter - August 2009 Edition

In This Issue:

Feature: Get the most out of your identification system.

Tips & Tricks: How to import your own image for badge design.

Product Spotlight: The new ID Maker System

Case Study: One school has many uses for its identification system

IDentification Systems Made Easy

At IDville, we are constantly striving to improve the customer experience. We focus on ease of use and high quality. With the recent success of our exclusive ID Maker 2.0 software, we've developed an identification system that's so easy to use, we guarantee you can set it up and start creating ID cards in 15 minutes.

The new ID Maker System provides everything you need to create and print great IDs, plus it comes in one box, ready to go. It's the do-it-yourselfer's dream. The system includes all the tools of the trade and puts the power of identification into your hands.

With an identification system that's easy to set up and use, we're sure you'll start to use it for more than just printing staff or student ID badges. The new ID Maker card printer can print up to 1,000 IDs a year, so be sure to get the most out of your printer by using printed PVC cards for other creative applications:

  • Labels: identify more than just your people with your ID system. Create PVC labels for the storage of materials of any kind. The durable PVC cards will outlast any paper label!
  • Business cards: In a pinch for a business card? Quickly make one with your identification system. The PVC material will help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Magnets: Need to remind staff of simple break room etiquette? Print your message on a PVC card, attach a magnet bar or button to the back and stick it to the fridge. Then watch out for anyone who dares to defy it.
  • Name tags: For tradeshows, meetings or events, you can create professional looking name tags with your PVC printer. Once you've designed and printed the card, choose from a pin/clip or magnet backing and proudly wear your new creation for all to see.
  • Gift cards: Create gift cards or certificates to be redeemed internally for treats in the cafeteria, from the vending machines or for branded merchandise. Having custom gift cards will make the program more influential among staff.
With an easy-to-use identification system, like the new ID Maker System, it's simple to create multiple applications for printed PVC cards. This is just a beginning of the possible uses. Have some other ideas? Let us know! Contact us via email at

Product Spotlight:

The new ID Maker System delivers everything you need to make great looking, secure ID badges within fifteen minutes! You can also upgrade your printer at any time to print dual-sided cards, a feature that surely accommodates any potential future needs. The system includes the following:

- ID Maker 2.0 PRO software
- PVC card printer
- USB web cam
- Tripod
- Printer ribbon
- 200 PVC cards
- White backdrop

Learn more about the ID Maker System

Case Study

For a busy school, getting the most out of its investments is important. At St. Catherine of Sienna School in the greater New York City area, the school is taking advantage of its IDville identification system by using it for both security and functionality.

"Our identification system is used two-fold. It acts as a security feature for student ID cards, which include students' pictures and names, and also for checking out library books and buying lunches," explained Principal Scott Conway. Scott designs the ID cards with a bar code on the back, which allows the cards to double as a library and debit lunch card.