IDentify Ways to Protect Your Investment

IDentify Ways to Protect Your Investment!

IDentify Newsletter - October 2009 Edition

In this Issue:

Feature: Protect your printer investment

Case Study: Warranty saves the day

Tips & Tricks: How to prevent printer damage

Product Spotlight: Display badges with Strap Clips

Prolong the Life of Your ID System Printer

Maintenance and upkeep is important to prolonging the life of any investment, and an identification printer system is no different. You can keep your identification printer in top shape by following standard maintenance recommendations. To keep on top of all maintenance needs and printer ribbon replacements, mark reminders on your calendar. When the notification pops up to clean your printer or reorder supplies, don't delay. Having the necessary supplies on hand will help you keep your printer projects running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Printer Cleaning. Regularly cleaning your printer will keep your printer warranty valid and ensure all the cards you print are of the highest quality. Cleaning your printer is like an oil change for your card. It should happen on a regular basis, every 700-1,000 cards or 2-3 printer ribbons, depending on the model of your printer. Cleaning kits are available for all the different IDville printers. The kit improves the performance and picture quality of your printer by removing dust and debris. If not treated, these impurities can show up on your cards and ruin your card design.
  • Strap clips and PVC cards. Keeping your printer system always at the ready means more than the scheduled maintenance. It also means having the tools you need when you need them. Keep a small inventory of PVC cards, strap clips and other badge accessories so you are always prepared to make extra cards.
  • Protected transit. If you transport your printer between buildings or events, protecting it from the elements with a special printer carrying case will help to prolong its life. Transporting your printer unprotected exposes it to a greater amount of dust and dirt that can work its way inside the printer and impact the print quality of your cards.
  • Extended warranties. All IDville printers come with a manufacturers warranty that cover 2-3 years, depending on the make of the printer. Protect your investment with an extended warranty that will cover any part replacement or repairs that your printer requires.

Case Study: Warranty Saves Pricey Printhead Replacement

Warranties can save you pricey printer part replacements. The print head in your identification printer picks up dirt after frequent use. If not cleaned and maintained, the printer will begin to print a white line straight across your card design. Cleaning helps to prevent this from happening, but it's common for the printhead to need to be replaced. One IDville customer followed the necessary printer maintenance, but found herself in need of a new print head. Thankfully, her warranty paid for the $600 replacement. What a savings!

Tips & Tricks

To prevent damage to the unit, clean your printer once you've used 3-4 ribbons. That way, if your printer is damaged in any way, you can be sure it will be covered under the 2-3yr warranty without incurring any cost.

Product Spotlight

Strap Clips

A popular badge attachment, keep strap clips on hand to complement any new or replacement badges you have to make on-the-spot. Strap clips keep badges attached to belt loops, key rings or shirt pockets. Badges are clearly displayed and easily accessible for all your identification purposes!