Implement Student Identification for Safer Schools

Implement Student Identification for Safer Schools

Implement Student Identification for Safer Schools

Do you know if your kids are safe at school? Schools today are taking security more seriously than ever, and student identification card programs have become a growing trend to keep schools and their students safe. A student identification card program outfits each student with an ID card or badge that must be worn everyday at school.

Student identification cards are a simple and effective security solution because they provide instant visual identification of each student and a quick way to determine if a student belongs in the building. Student identification cards are especially helpful at the beginning of the school year when the student’s picture and name are visible to help teachers and staff learn names quickly.

Using student identification cards can be simple, and its benefits will make everyone in the school district happy. To start a program that meets your school’s needs, follow these guidelines:

1. Find the identification system that’s right for you. Identification systems allow you to take control of identification by designing and printing your own cards onsite. To find the system that’s right for you, use a user-friendly system selection guide like the IDville System Information Guide.

2. Make user-friendly software a priority. Equally important to the system you select is the software you use to create student identification cards. The individual who uses the identification software in a school is often an administrative assistant or staff member. View a demo or tutorial of the software before buying to make sure it will be easy for this person to use.

3. Have fun with identification! Student identification cards are an important part to a security program, but they can also be fun for students. Promote school spirit by customizing your identification cards with the school mascot and outfitting students with custom lanyards. Make students excited about their student identification, and your program is bound to be a success.

Tips & Tricks

ID Maker 2.0
Want to make a student directory?  ID Maker 2.0 Pro and Enterprise editions have been integrated with the Crystal Reports XI engine to produce over 40 standard report templates. To access these reports, click on File > Reports. You can sort by student name, grade, homeroom or teacher.

Case Study: Student Identification Card Programs Makes Students Safer

For a busy school in the greater New York City area, security is a top priority. St. Catherine of Sienna School has increased safety precautions with a student identification program.

"Our identification system is used two-fold. It acts as a security feature for student ID cards which include students’ picture and name, and also for checking out library books and buying lunches",; explained Principal Scott Conway. Scott designs the ID cards with a bar code on the back which allows the cards to double as a library and debit lunch card.

Scott uses the new ID Maker 2.0 identification software to design and print cards for the student. Even his office staff finds the software and identification process simple and quick to use. "It’s helpful to have things that run quickly, especially for us. Our school office is very busy," said Scott.