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Introducing Baudville, IDville's Sister Company

You may have noticed on the IDville catalog or website that IDville is a Baudville company. IDville's sister company, Baudville, provides employee recognition solutions and awards for the workplace.

Baudville and IDville have a lot in common. While the Baudville brand is dedicated to regular recognition and creating a positive work culture, IDville provides tools to create a safe work environment. You can use your IDville ID card printer and accessories to promote your culture and recognition program, and vice versa.

Display ID Cards & Recognition
Lapel pins are a common award in employee recognition programs, and employees can display their lapel pins with their ID card using a special Pin Display Badge Holder. This way, employees are more likely to wear both their lapel pin awards and their ID card.

Recognition Themes
Baudville is a strong advocate of using a recognition theme to make a program more effective and memorable. You can promote your recognition theme on employee badge accessories, such as badge reels and lanyards. Both options display some of Baudville's most popular recognition themes, so you can motivate employees every day!

ID Card Awards
Get creative with your recognition program and put your ID card printer to good use! Create cards that grant the recipient a casual day, and design it to be worn with your existing badge accessories. You can also easily make gift cards for snacks from the vending machine or extra time off.

Welcome Employees
In addition to your ID card printer, signage can contribute to a more positive culture. For instance, Baudville encourages customers to have a welcome gift ready for new employees on their first day. You should also have a name plate or desk sign made ahead of time. It's the little things that make a new employee feel at home!


Safety and security are an important part of a productive work environment. Once you've equipped your organization with an ID card printer and other IDville security products, look to Baudville to help you create a positive work culture. Baudville has a wide variety of high quality, exclusively designed lapel pins that employees can display with their ID card.


Safety programs are common practice at many organizations, but the effectiveness of those programs is determined by the involvement and dedication of the employees.

A Pennsylvanian plastics manufacturer recognized how crucial employee involvement is in creating a safe work environment. However, the programs were lacking active employee involvement – a vital element of keeping the workplace safe. The company acknowledged the importance of safety programs and took actions to make improvements.

To encourage greater employee ownership of the programs and to prevent injuries on site, employees who are "caught" being safe are rewarded with lapel pins. Lapel pins are a great incentive for employees as different style pins can identify specific behaviors or training levels. Supervisors have given lapel pins to individuals who have had fire prevention training as well as members of the safety team. Lapel pins can easily be displayed on ID badge holders or lanyards to encourage the employee to comply with your safety policy.


Take advantage of ID Maker's library of background images and clip art to create unique cards with your ID card printer. You can create cards to use in your safety program or recognition program or as on-the-spot rewards. Customize cards by importing your own image. Simply go to "Card Creation" and click on the graphic button under "Design Tools." Then choose "Import Logo" and select your graphic. Continue your design work and print!

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David, IDville ID Specialist