June is National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month

When it comes to your people, nothing's more important than their safety. Safety policies and procedures make staff feel comfortable coming to work and end up saving the company time, money and headaches. Since June is National Safety Month, this is a great time to review your safety policies and consider how you can make them even stronger.

To promote safety in your organization, we've put together a few suggestions that will keep safety in the forefront of every employee's mind.

Actively Communicate about Safety. Maintaining active communication about your safety goals and progress is imperative to keeping safety front of mind for your entire team. Post signs around the department or building that state your safety goals and give status updates of your progress. To communicate with the entire organization, add a section to your company newsletter or intranet to share safety updates.

Promote Safety Daily. Keep safety in front of your staff - literally. Equip each employee with a safety themed lanyard or safety themed badge reel to attach to their ID card. The "Safety First" messages on these badge accessories will constantly remind employees of the organization's number one priority: keeping them safe. If you have a special safety program slogan, create your own custom lanyards or badge reels.

Reward Team Safety. Keep your teams striving to create a safe environment by rewarding their efforts. Celebrate the achievement of safety goals and the innovation of new safety procedures as a team. At a regular team meeting, review the goals and give employees a small safety themed or company logo gift. The positive reinforcement will have the entire team striving to repeat or improve their achievement.

Make safety front of mind for employees and you'll create a safety-conscious culture that is bound to lead to increased productivity and employee engagement.


Themed Badge Reels
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CASE STUDY: Streamline OSHA Identification

The Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA), which oversees health and safety standards for the workplace, requires employees to be properly licensed in order to use various pieces of equipment. In a manufacturing environment, it's important that these licenses and certifications be properly identified.

A Michigan furniture manufacturer uses their ID system to the fullest by integrating OSHA identifiers onto their standard employee badges. When employees receive their license, they receive a new name badge with an icon indicating their certification. Employees have icons for hi-lo and aerial platform operation as well as First Aid.

Rather than carrying several OSHA-issued license cards, employees more effectively communicate their certification with the icon on their badge. The process is simpler for the human resource department, too, which can quickly create a new badge and have the employee immediately put his new skills to work.

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