Keep Your Building Safe with Visitor Management Solutions

Keep Your Building Safe!

From offices to warehouses and schools to hospitals and everything in between, keeping your employees, students, building and assets safe are crucial to everyday operations. Knowing who is in your building and where they are supposed to be is a great way to ensure your building is kept safe.

Whether you would prefer simplistic visitor login books or comprehensive visitor software, your employees or students will feel much more secure knowing that not just anyone can wander the building at any time. Knowing they’re safe from intruders allows staff and students to focus more on their work and/or education.

One of the most simplistic visitor management solutions is to have building visitors and guests sign in on a log and receive a visitor badge to wear throughout their entire visit. This makes it easy for staff to quickly identify the unfamiliar faces in the building. Solutions include simple log book, visitor bundles with reusable PVC visitor badges, and complete login systems with carbon copy tracking and adhesive badges. There are so many options to choose from; it’s all about finding the solution that’s perfect for your school or business.

Because the security of our children is so important, for schools we’ve created Visitor Express: School Edition®. This is a user-friendly visitor management suite that verifies and tracks all visitors on your campus. This system is a great way to ensure only safe visitors are allowed in the school, along with being a great quick reference for student pickups and visitor tracking. Visitor Express: School Edition® allows school visitors to be checked in and on their way in under 30 seconds.

Product Spotlight: Visitor Express: School Edition®

Designed with security and simplicity in mind, Visitor Express: School Edition® is a user-friendly solution for schools that need to verify and track school visitors in 30 seconds or less. This system will help protect your school from possible predators on campus and also will allow you to track visitor activity and run reports about your school’s visitors.

Visitor Express: School Edition® requires minimal training and is extremely user-friendly. When visitors enter your school, you simply scan the guest’s state ID with the provided scanner. This will pull the visitor’s information into the Visitor Express system. You’ll then have the ability to check that person’s information against a national sex offender database to ensure they are a safe visitor.

After verifying they’re an approved guest, you’ll simply need to type in information regarding who the visitor is planning to see and which room they’ll be in. A visitor badge will then be printed which features self-expiring technology that will read “VOID” after 24 hours. This ensures that each visitor is unable to re-use their visitor badge on a different date.

You’re also able to track visitor activity and log people approved to pick up any student by inputting notes into the program for quick reference. For your frequent visitors there are also key fobs you may offer them so that their check in process is even faster and easier. All of this is available in one affordable and easy-to-use visitor management system.

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Expert's Corner: Visitor Management - A Simple Solution

Although we never want to think that the worst will happen, it’s always best to be cognizant of possible issues that could arise in any school, business, warehouse or hospital. There are many simplistic solutions to help protect staff members and students from dangerous intruders.

While the prospect of implementing a new visitor management solution may seem daunting at the start, I assure you, the time spent creating and implementing this new policy will be more than worth the peace of mind of knowing you’re taking steps to protect your teams and your assets. And of course the identification professionals at IDville are always here to lend their knowledge and expertise should any questions or issues arise.

As a parent myself, I rest easier knowing my sons are kept safe from intruders while they’re at school each day. With so many options to manage and track visitors in schools and businesses, there’s sure to be something to help protect your facility.

We’d love to help you find a visitor management solution that’s a great fit for your facility. Let us know if you’d like a free 20-minute demonstration of our user-friendly Visitor Express: School Edition® system.

Dave, IDville Product Manager

Customer Reviews: All-in-one visitor solution!

Mike, the Security Guy from Los Angelese, CA- In reference to Visitor Pass Standard Log Book
“The perfect little PCI visitor badge and log all rolled into one. The badge reads "VOID" after 24 hours. Easy and fast to use. Process visitors quickly and efficiently.”