Lanyards Keep ID Cards Visible for Back to School

Lanyards Keep ID Cards Visible for Back to School

This is the fourth IDentify Newsletter in a series on ID badge accessories. Over the next few months, we'll be talking about the different ID badge accessory options in order to help you choose the right one for your organization. This month, we're focusing on our lanyard options.

Back to school preparations are underway, and before you know it teachers, students, and staff will be headed off to school in the morning. Get your school ready by outfitting everyone with the proper ID badge accessories. Not at a school? Our lanyard recommendations can still help you determine which style is right for your organization!

The different schedules and responsibilities of school personnel requires different kinds of ID badge accessories to ensure ID badges are properly used and displayed. Lanyards are the most popular ID badge accessory for schools because they keep ID cards visible at all times, making visual recognition of students, staff, and visitors simple.

Here are our identification experts' recommendations for school year lanyards:

Stock Lanyards for Students. Student identification is crucial to school security, but making sure students display their ID card can be a challenge. Stock lanyards are an affordable option you can choose to give each student a way to display their ID card. Be sure you add the breakaway function, however, to protect students from possible choking hazards.

Theme Lanyards for Visitors. Schools are a hub of activity, and visitors are constantly in and out of the building. Protect your students and staff by requiring all visitors to wear a themed lanyard when they are in the building. The themed lanyards help adults in the building easily identify approved visitors.

Fashion Lanyards for Office Staff. Give the office staff some creative liberty with their lanyard choice. Allow staff members to select the beaded lanyard in their favorite color scheme or several different lanyards to coordinate with their outfits.

USB Lanyards for Teachers. Welcome teachers back to school with a USB lanyard they can use to both display their ID card and carry important data. The USB lanyard has 1 GB storage and detaches from the lanyard for easy use. To make a special gift for the school year, customize your USB lanyard with your school name and the year.


Dress up your lanyard! Our beaded lanyards prove that wearing your ID badge doesn't have to cramp your style. Our lanyards are hand-made with glass beads and come in a variety of colors and styles. The Apple A Day beaded lanyard is perfect for your favorite teacher or school staff member!

EXPERT'S CORNER: Consider Your ID Card Display Before Printing

When designing your ID cards, consider how they will be displayed before you begin printing. How a card is going to be displayed, whether on a lanyard, using a badge reel or within a badge holder, will influence your card design.

For instance, most badge reels and lanyards cause ID cards to flip, displaying the back side of the card. If visual identification is a top priority, consider printing information on both sides of the card.

Send your ID card or ID card printer questions to me at Your question may be featured in the next issue of our IDentify Newsletter!

David, IDville ID Specialist

Case Study: Illinois Schools Use ID Cards to Streamline Lunch Program

Joliet Public School District 86 is located in Joliet, Illinois and serves over 10,000 students in the areas just outside of Chicago. Before the district came to IDville, the schools were not using any method of student identification.

"We were looking to increase the efficiency of our lunch program," Troy Whalen, Assistant Superintendent of Business for Joliet Public Schools said, "Which at the time was utilizing a paper punch card system."

After reviewing the different types of systems, he decided on the ID Maker Advantage 2-Sided System. The ability to print a barcode on one side of the card was of the utmost importance to Whalen since that was how they were going to track the lunch participation.

"Each junior high student is required to wear their ID with a barcode to track lunch activity. The cards include the student's name, photo, a barcode, and the school name and mascot," said Whalen.

In order to ensure that the students display their IDs, Whalen purchased a slot punch for each schools and Flat Woven Breakaway Lanyards for each student. This new system makes for a safer, more advanced environment for students and staff within the school.

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