Lanyards Keep ID Cards Visible for Students Staff and Employees

Lanyards Keep ID Cards Visible for Students, Staff, and Employees!

Having a hard time getting your students, staff, or employees to properly display their ID badges? Lanyards keep ID cards visible at all times! It's not too late to get your school or organization equipped with the right photo ID accessories.

Here are our identification expert's recommendations for school and company lanyards:

Stock Lanyards for Students/Employees. Identification is crucial to the safety and security of your students and staff members, but making sure they display their ID card can be a challenge. Stock lanyards are an affordable option you can choose to give each person a way to display their ID card. You can always add a breakaway function for added safety.

Theme Lanyards for Visitors. Whether you work in a school, on a college campus, or in an office building, there's bound to be visitors coming in and out of your facility. Protect your students and staff by requiring all visitors to wear a themed lanyard when they are in the building. This will help everyone easily identify visitors.

Fashion Lanyards for Office Staff. Who doesn't enjoy being choosey? Allow your office staff to choose their favorite style and colors from our assorted beaded lanyards to fashionably display their ID card.

USB Lanyards for Teachers/IT. Welcome new teachers or IT personnel with a USB lanyard they can use to both display their ID card and carry around important data. The USB lanyard has 1 GB of storage and easily detaches from the lanyard.

Product Spotlight: Vivid Color Lanyards

Keep your ID front and center! You can create an eye catching custom lanyard with your full color logo with vivid color lanyards. Even with a breakaway feature, these soft lanyards provide a comfortable yet stylish way to display your ID cards.

Expert's Corner: Consider Your ID Card Display Before Printing

When designing your ID cards, it's important to consider how they will be displayed before printing. How a card is going to be displayed- whether on a lanyard, a badge reel, or within a holder - will influence the design of your card.

For example, a lot of lanyards or badge reels have a tendency to flip the ID card, exposing the back side of the card. If it's crucial that the information on the front of the card is seen at all times, consider printing on both sides of the card.

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Customer Reviews: Read what they have to say!

Maggie from Belleville, NJ "The staff and students found the cotton custom lanyard to be comfortable and sturdy. The delivery was prompt, in good condition, and reliable. I will continue to use this service."

Katy from Bowdon, GA "I gave this to our front office ladies who are required to wear their ID badges but love to wear fashion jewelry. They loved the beaded lanyards!"

Shannon from Atlanta, GA "I didn't know what to expect when purchasing this product. When I saw them in the catalog I thought they would be great in helping to know who the visitors are and to help track our visitor badges due to the bright red color. Everyone including our President thought the pre-designed visitor lanyards were great!"