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Security is important to you and your organization, so you've outfitted your employees with all the necessary identification. The only problem is they have to carry multiple ID cards every day, and equipping new employees with ID badges has become a cumbersome process! While you could outfit the entire team with Mutli-Card Badge Holders and call it a day, we suggest streamlining your photo ID needs into a single, multi-purpose ID card.

Using a photo ID system and proximity cards¸ you can create an ID card with all the desired functions. If your employees use a proximity card to enter a parking garage or building, you will want to print the visual identification card on a PVC card with an adhesive back. Most proximity cards cannot be printed on directly, so the adhesive PVC cards provide a simple option to streamline your ID cards. Attach the printed PVC card to an existing programmed proximity card to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing photo ID card.

Efficiency. Streamlining your ID card uses into a single card has many advantages, the greatest of which is increased efficiency. Instead of printing multiple cards for each employee, you'll print only one. Not only will you reduce time designing and printing the ID card, but you'll also be able to give new employees cards more quickly.

Cost Savings. Combining all your ID card uses into one card will also save your organization money. You won't need to replace printer supplies as often since you will significantly reduce the number of cards you're printing.

Professional Appearance. Your employees will appear more professional with a single, well-designed ID card displayed on a lanyard or strap clip. Be sure to decide the orientation of your ID card before ordering your proximity cards to ensure your card design will have the optimal display.


Save your organization time and resources by merging your access control, time and attendance and photo ID into one ID card. Proximity cards have an antenna inside them that sends a signal to the card readers you position at your entryways and time clock. We will program your proximity cards so all you have to do is print and apply the adhesive PVC badge for an attractive and functional ID card solution.


Typically, we highlight a customer's use of ID cards or ID products in this section of the newsletter. This month, we realized that we're a great example of combining proximity cards and photo ID cards, so we thought we'd provide a glimpse into our own ID card practices.

At IDville, every employee is given a proximity card on their first day. This card allows access to the building from our employee entrances. Without a card, you must go through our front lobby and receptionist. Part of new employee orientation is having their picture taken. We use this picture on the employee's ID card and also in our online employee photo directory. Both are made possible using our ID Maker software.

One of our identification technicians quickly inputs the employee's name into our ID Maker database, prints a PVC adhesive badge and applies it to the employee's proximity card. In less than a minute, the new employee has both a "key" to the building and a personal piece of branded identification!


When you print to a 10 mil adhesive card for your proximity card, our experts recommend a card design that incorporates white space into the design. Card designs with solid color from edge-to-edge on the thin card material tend to get stuck in the printer. For optimal print quality and efficiency, design ID cards accordingly.

If you have ID card or ID printer questions, email me at I'll answer your questions directly. Plus, your question may be featured in the next issue of our Identify Newsletter.

David, IDville ID Specialist