Low-Cost ID Accessories for Every Work Environment

Low-Cost ID Accessories for Every Work Environment

Low-Cost ID Accessories for Every Work Environment

Identification cards are an important element to keeping facilities and people safe in every industry or workplace. Depending on your work environment, certain identification card accessories are better than others. Below, IDville experts give their opinion on some of the best options for popular industries. The best part? All of the mentioned accessories are less than $3 each!

  1. Corporate
    When it comes to displaying ID cards in a corporate setting, your safety and security policy may provide guidelines for employees’ display choices. However, you can put employees at ease with the identification policies if you give them the freedom to choose their own card accessories. The Designer Lanyard Variety Pack is one solution that offers several colors and designs to fit every personality in the office.
  2. Manufacturing
    Keep identification cards close and avoid lanyards getting caught in machinery with a metal belt clip. The metal belt clip is a great ID card display for manufacturing or factory settings as the badge easily clips in and out of the holder for quick access, yet eliminates the dangers of free-hanging ID cards.
  3. Retail
    In the retail industry, a well-displayed ID card with an employee’s name can make customers feel more at ease. The best way to display ID badges in the retail industry is with an adhesive magnet. Adhesive magnets don’t damage clothing, like pin name tags, and won’t shift orientation. Your badges will always put their best foot forward.
  4. Schools
    Display ID badges around the school with custom-made lanyards. With many style, color and material options, you can select the lanyard that’s just right for your budget and needs. Customize lanyards with the school name or mascot to promote school spirit and teamwork.

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The Multi-Card Badge Holder
Sometimes, it’s necessary to have multiple ID cards handy throughout the day. This functional multi-card holder keeps up to six cards together in one place. It’s perfect for employees who have multiple cards for access to different buildings. Keeping all the cards together puts access at your finger tips.


ID Maker 2.0

Did you know you can ‘lock’ the design of your ID Layout? Locking an element will hold its position so it cannot be moved to another position on the card. To lock an element, click the appropriate element on the card so that a red box appears around it. Then click on the padlock button (under the Formatting tab in the Card Creation window) to 'Lock it'.  To the right of the card layout, a lock icon is visible.  The icon will appear red when an element is selected and locked.

CASE STUDY: Identification System Streamlines Security for Public Transportation

Today, transportation safety is of a greater concern than ever before. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, The Rapid has streamlined its security system with the purchase of an IDville identification system.

The addition of an in-house identification system will be saving The Rapid time and money. Previously, the organization paid an outside business to create cards. Each time a new card was created, The Rapid paid a fee per card and waited one week for the card to arrive. Sec Garcia, Facility Manager, can now have cards ready immediately for contractors and new staff.

"We just hired 30 new bus drivers who will start training in September," said Sec. ";Now I can take their picture and hand them their new ID card on site that day."; The Rapid will experience multiple benefits from their new streamlined security. Now fully equipped with an identification system, ID cards will no longer be an expensive and cumbersome part of their business.

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