More Than ID Cards

Did you know you can use your photo identification systems for more than just IDs?

You've recently purchased a photo identification system and now your employees are wearing great looking ID badges. Now what? Thanks to PVC cards' long-lasting features, you don't need to replace employee badges often. Don't let your ID printer system sit in the corner and collect dust. Your printer has many capabilities to streamline other processes throughout your organization or campus. When it comes to using your ID system, the only limit is your creativity!

Membership Cards: If your organization provides an on-site fitness center or has a partnership with local restaurants and businesses you can offer your employees PVC membership cards to provide them with access to all the employee perks you provide.

Loyalty Programs: Entice students and customers with loyalty programs. This is becoming a popular trend around campuses nationwide. More and more universities are launching loyalty programs to encourage students to use their cards beyond the dorm and dining hall. Merchants can range from restaurants, salons, cell phone providers, all the way to car dealerships and apartment complexes.

If you look in your wallet you'll probably see that you're a part of a loyalty program, probably more than one! Loyalty programs can be as simply as using a point system to reward repeat customers or as complex as adding an upfront fee to receive VIP benefits. Regardless of how you decide to structure your program, ID printer systems are a great way to get creative with the design and layout of your loyalty program cards.

Luggage Tags: Create company luggage tags for employees who travel frequently. Design a card with your company logo, contact information, and the employee's name. Slot hole punch the top, and you can attach it to luggage with a strap clip. You can even get creative in the design process and add images or slogans, too! Present it to your employee prior to their departure as a fun gift.

Business Cards: Instead of outsourcing your employee business cards, why not use your ID printer system to create your own professional-looking business cards? ID Maker software makes mastering the art of ID layout and design easy! With bold, vivid colors, edge-to-edge printing, and endless options to incorporate your company logo, colors, and motto, it's never been easier to design and print your own employee business cards! Plus PVC business cards don't scratch or bend easily and they're durable so carrying them around in your brief case, portfolio, or pocket won't affect the look of your cards!

Debit Card Programs: Make lunch time easy for your students or employees. With your ID system, you can create a lunch card that operates on a debit system for your cafeteria. Simply design your card and add the barcode feature. As a way to motivate healthy eating and lifestyle choices, list a few healthy eating tips on the back of the card.

Click here to see our library of sample cards and ideas.

Product Spotlight: ID Card Systems

Our ID card system is packaged with all of the components you need to be up-and-running and printing IDs within 15 minutes! Every ID Maker system comes with our newest intuitive ID Maker Software, photo-taking tools, as well as enough blank card stock and printer ribbons to get you through your first run. Whether you're looking to print 25 IDs a year or 1,000- we have the right ID printer system for you!

ID Maker Value: This printer is ideal for low volume use. The ID Maker Value is great for smaller businesses and organizations that plan to print less than 100 cards annually. Key features includes: hand-fed printer and free standard holographic overlays.

ID Maker Advantage: This printer is best for everyday use. The ID Maker Advantage is great for mid-sized businesses and organizations printing 100-1,000 cards annually. Key features include: automatic card feed and free standard holographic overlays.

ID Maker Secure: This printer is best for advanced security. The ID Maker Secure is great for large businesses and organizations printing 1,000+ cards annually. Key features include: automatic card feed, free flex and standard holographic overlays, and a free Enterprise software upgrade.

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Expert's Corner: Tips & Tricks- ID Maker 3.0

Want to get more use out of your ID card printer system besides making employee or student IDs? Use one of our predesigned templates and over 300+ clip art designs. With these features and an updated intuitive user interface, it's simpler than ever to make lunch cards, membership cards, and recognition awards too!

When it comes to creating employee/student ID badges, ID Maker 3.0 has many new and improved features to make this a seamless process.

Live Text Editing: No more navigating around in multiple pop-ups! This allows you to easily make changes and instantly see how they look.

Smart Card Encoding: More and more we get asked if our systems and ID cards have smart card encoding capabilities and the answer is yes! This is the most secure credential: incorporate multiple systems, door access, vending, and even store biometric information all on your ID cards.

Compatibility:Features enhanced capability with commonly-used operating systems to ensure future alignment with software packages.

For more information or to watch a live demo of ID Maker 3.0, simply click here or call one of our System Specialists today at 1.866.438.4553.

Kelli, Marketing Manager

Customer Reviews: We love our ID Maker System!

Carlie from York Haven, PA "We used to make our ID badges and training certificate card in-house. Using the ID Maker Advantage is much easier and way more professional."

Sergio from North Kingstown, RI "We're a Government Contractor and need the IDs to facilitate the Government officials in identifying our company from other companies working on the same ship. These badges are so professional and durable. The ID Maker Value is a great machine for the money- we have approx. 25 employees and 15 leased employees. The camera is really top notch. The holographs that come with the machine are an added plus!"

Carl from Nicholasville, KY "The ID Maker Value is an easy-to-use product and has saved me a lot of time. I don't have to send our pictures out for someone else to make our ID cards now."