National Safety Month

Are you ready to promote workplace safety during National Safety Month?

June is right around the corner and so is National Safety Month. Can you believe it's that time of year again? Every year during the month of June, the National Safety Council encourages organizations to get involved and participate in National Safety Month (NSM.) NSM is an annual observance to educate and influence behaviors around the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. IDville is excited to participate by promoting various products and providing tips to get involved this year.

Employee ID Badges: Ensuring that each employee in your building is properly identified with an ID badge is critical when it comes to workplace safety. ID badges are a quick and simple solution to identify who has authorization to be on the premise, who is a staff member, and who is a visitor. Integrating HID prox cards into your employee ID badge program allows access control to each person who enters the building and promotes a higher level of security. With photo identification systems, it's never been easier to design, print, and wear photo IDs.

Track Visitors: This is an important part of ensuring safety but it can be easily overlooked if a visitor management system has not been implemented. Not only does tracking visitors keep buildings safe from theft and violence, it promotes a feeling of security and well-being throughout organizations. Whether you encounter less than ten visitors a day or more than one hundred, visitor management tools and systems are an important aspect of workplace safety.

Get Involved: Each week during National Security Month is centered on a critical safety issue. This year's issues include preventing slips, trips, and falls, employee wellness, emergency preparedness, and ergonomics. This is a great opportunity to engage employees and get everyone involved. Commit to having one meeting or activity a week centered on the weekly topic or gather up teams to help perform A Million Acts of Safety.

Remember, it's important to think about the safety of employees and visitors every day of the year, not just during National Safety Month. So get out there, get involved, and take part in promoting the importance of safety in your organization!

Product Spotlight: Safety Themed Accessories

If you've ever organized a work event, you probably know that when it comes to asking for employee participation it never hurts to offer them a little something extra. Not only will safety themed ID accessories provide a safe way to wear your ID badge, it will also boost morale among your team members!

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Expert's Corner: Extra Safety Features for Visitor Management

Visitor management is an important part of an organization's safety strategy, and visitor log-in books are an affordable way to implement a system into your every day routine. When you select a visitor management system, consider self-expiring badges for extra safety.

Adhesive fill-in-the-blank badges are standard in many visitor management systems, and few systems go above and beyond to include tamper proof badges. These badges expire after a set number of hours and display a visible mark to identify a void badge.

A self-expiring badge prevents visitors from wearing an old badge or sharing badges. Consider using a self-expiring badge as part of your visitor management system to protect your staff, students, and facility.

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David, ID System Specialist

Customer Reviews: Why buy safety themed accessories? Here's why!

Maggie from Morristown, IN "We use the Safety First lanyard to hold our new visitor badges. Works great! The badges don't get lost or taken due to being on a lanyard vs. a strap clip."

Betty from Leeds, AL "The Yellow Safety First badge reels have been very useful for us. Employees attach their ID and prox cards in the clear covers and then attached to the badge reel. They keep up with the ID cards much better!"

Nikki from Rahway, NJ "Lanyards with the breakaway release option are very strong and come in handy if you have employees who work around machinery or equipment. They are great for employees to have their badges close by and showcase additional safety cards based off the assignment they're working on."