Outfit your Conference with Security

Outfit your Conference with Security

Outfit your Conference with Security

Spring is the time when professional conferences and seminars fill the schedules of convention centers and hotels. As professionals embark upon cities across the U.S., meeting planners will be scrambling to assure everything is in place for a smooth event. One of the most important elements to consider in planning a conference is the security of your event.

Identifying all attendees, vendors, speakers and volunteers not only keeps your facility secure, but it helps to properly address individuals at the event. After all, nothing is more embarrassing than not recognizing your keynote speaker or primary sponsor.

Whether you're planning an international conference with thousands of attendees or a local seminar with a few d ozen people, these identification products can ensure that you clearly identify everyone involved.

Custom Lanyards
Identify your attendees and give them a lasting memento of your event by creating custom lanyards for your organization. Lanyards are a popular and convenient way to display badges.

Eco-Friendly Solutions
Conferences are going green in a movement to reduce our impact on the environment. Recycled lanyards, and badge stock are now available to make even your identification accessories eco-friendly.

Photo IDs
If you have an identification system available, create the ultimate attendee experience by making photo IDs onsite. Attendees will enjoy the small event takeaway. Make the ID production more memorable by creating a themed background.


Event Bundles
Planning a conference is a big job! Make attendee identification and security easy by ordering all the badge accessories you need at once. Event Bundles are sold in large quantities to bring you the greatest value, and they include lanyards and badge holders. Choose different colored lanyards to identify vendors, attendees and sponsors for on-site identification!

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Save time during conference registration! To expedite the registration process, you can import the registrant information ahead of time. Then, when the person arrives you can use the easy search feature within ID Maker 2.0 to locate their record, take their picture and hit print. No more time spent waiting in line while the person in front of you spells out their name, organization, etc...

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CASE STUDY: Wilmington College

Wilmington College is a private, graduate and undergraduate college in New Castle, Delaware. As the college expanded and the student body grew, the Student Affairs staff realized the need to update their ID card process. Erin Harvey, Sports Information Director for Wilmington, began on a search for a "quick, digital, high-quality ID producing system."

Harvey didn't have to look far before she found IDville's identification solutions. "They looked easy to use," said Harvey, and she was right! Every IDville system comes with our ID Maker PRO software, a digital camera, a backdrop, one full-color YMCKO printer ribbon and 200 PVC ID cards.

After buying the system, Harvey was able to incorporate a picture of the college campus and the school policy into the design of each ID card. "The IDs are much nicer looking and the time required to print them is amazing compared to the old system," Harvey commented. When a student loses their ID, the Student Affairs staff can quickly look up their information and print them a new ID within seconds.

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