Prevent Awkward Meeting Interruptions with Meeting Room Signage

Prevent Awkward Meeting Interruptions with Meeting Room Signage

Prevent Awkward Meeting Interruptions with Meeting Room Signage

Do you ever accidentally walk into a full meeting room because you didn't know it was occupied? Many business meeting rooms don't have windows for privacy and confidentiality purposes. So how do you avoid that awkward walk-in on your boss's meeting? Meeting room signage can help prevent meeting interruptions if used properly.

The first step to clear meeting room identification is clearly labeling the room. The clear identification will ensure meeting attendees are in the right place. Make it easier for your staff to remember meeting room locations by giving each room a unique name instead of a number. We've heard of the Think Tank, Heritage Room and Fish Bowl.

Second, a meeting room without any windows needs some sort of an indicator that a room is occupied. Identification designed for meeting rooms often comes with a flag that can be flipped to indicate status. Green means the room is vacant, and red means the room is occupied. You can also create your own system using print and post signage.

Print and post signage is a great solution for short term identification, such as meeting room status. Print off multiple vacant and occupied signs leave them inside the room. Meeting organizers can change the sign at the beginning and conclusion of their meetings.

Finally, put up the title or name of the meeting outside the room. This is another signal for meeting attendees that they are in the right location. Print and post signage can be used for this purpose, too, but it may quickly become cumbersome to print a sign for every meeting. Instead, seek a signage option with a dry erase feature. A part of the room label, meeting organizers can easily write the name of the meeting on the board before the meeting begins.

Once you've put the tools in place to label meeting rooms, inform staff on how to use them. If staff members are consistent in using the items you've put in place, you can be assured awkward meeting interruptions will be a thing of the past.

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Meeting Room Signage

Communicate meeting times and conference room status to the entire building with customizable signage. Our CLEARLOOK::meeting sign has a dry erase portion so you can post the meeting name or time. The sign also has a flipper to indicate if the room is busy or available. Never walk in on a full meeting room again!

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TIPS & TRICKS: IDMaker 2.0

Need to add a database field but don't see it listed as one of the choices? ID Maker 2.0 makes it easy to add a custom field by choosing File à Preferences à Field Preferences. In here, you can add any field name you wish and thereby tailoring ID Maker 2.0 to suit your organizations needs!

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CASE STUDY: Sheriff's Department Secures IDs

The Shasta County Sheriff's Department in California had experienced a 10% growth rate among residents when it decided it was time to update their photo ID methods. Having 260 employees and volunteers on staff, it was critical for the department to make the shift into higher-quality, safer identification methods.

In the past, like many of our customers, Shasta County was using the traditional cut-and-paste laminate method for making their IDs. Not only was that method unsafe and easy to duplicate, it was also taking a lot of time away from other jobs.

After purchasing their Magicard Secure System, the department can now take a photo and print a more professional looking ID in less than one minute. They also added the custom holographic overlay key to increase each card's security level and to enhance the overall look of the card.

The process of going from cut-and-paste IDs to PVC secure badges has not only benefited the Sheriff's Department staff, they have also been of value to members of the community in identifying County Personnel.

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