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Back to school is in full swing in retail stores as parents, teachers and students prepare for the school year. School administrators should also prepare for the new school year by reviewing current school security policies. Outfitting students and staff with ID cards, using student ID cards for multiple purposes and implementing visitor identification can make school safer for everyone.

Student ID Cards
Student ID cards provide instant visual identification for teachers, staff and volunteers. When students wear their ID cards on a lanyard, adults can quickly identify their names and what classroom they are in. Many schools assign a certain color lanyard to each grade or classroom, so it's easy to know where students belong. Elementary schools use breakaway child size lanyards, and most require students to remove their lanyards before playing on the playground.

Multiple Purpose Student ID Cards
With the proper ID card printer, you can add barcodes or mag-stripe encoding to student ID cards. These features allow students to buy school lunches and check out library materials using their student ID cards. By giving student ID cards multiple purposes, students will carry less cash to and from school. One IDville customer found this to be safer for students, and the change helped to reduce bullying and theft within the schools.

Visitor Identification.
Schools should always track visitors with a visitor identification system. Keep a visitor log-in system in the main office and require all visitors to register before going to a classroom. A secure visitor identification system will create a record of all visitors and assign visitors with a self-expiring visitor adhesive ID badge. Visitors wear the badge while they are in the building, but it changes color after 24 hours. This feature prevents visitors from reusing badges and re-entering the building at a later date.


It doesn't take much effort to implement a visitor identification system, and the benefits are great. A system like the School Visitor Log-In can easily be positioned in the main school office. Visitors are directed to complete the fields on the top sheet, and the information is transferred directly to the adhesive name badge the visitor wears while in the building. The badge will change appearance after 24 hours to indicate it has expired, so visitors are not able to reuse their badges.


Joliet Public School District 86, located outside of Chicago, Illinois, wanted to increase the efficiency of its lunch program by implementing student ID cards. At the time, the school was using a paper punch card to sell lunches to more than 10,000 students. The school district implemented a photo ID card system as a solution and added barcodes to the back of each student ID card.

Now, "each junior high student is required to wear their ID card with a barcode to track lunch activity. The cards include the student's name, photo, a barcode and the school name and mascot," said Troy Whalen, Assistant Superintendent of Business for the school district.

The students display their IDs on Flat Woven Breakaway Lanyards, so ID cards are always available. "The photo ID system has helped to identify students quickly and has eliminated our paper lunch tickets," said Whalen. This new system makes for a safer, more advanced environment for students and staff within the schools.


Once you create your own student and staff ID cards, you have the capability to streamline your lunch program, library system and photo directories. IDville's ID Maker 2.0 identification software has more than 40 standard report templates you can apply to create student, staff or volunteer photo directories.

To create a directory in ID Maker 2.0, select File, then Reports. You are able to sort through the information in your database by student name, grade, homeroom or even teacher. Creating directories and reports is so easy, you can print a student photo directory for substitute teachers or parent volunteers the same day it's needed!

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David, IDville ID Specialist