Strap Clips are a Versatile Affordable Display Option

Strap Clips are a Versatile, Affordable Display Option

This is the final IDentify Newsletter in a series on ID badge accessories. Over the past few months, we've been talking about the different ID badge accessory options in order to help you choose the right one for your organization. This month, we're focusing on our strap clips and attachments.

The accurate display of an ID card can be as important as the card design itself. If a card is not visible or easily accessible, it can be a hindrance to both the individual and the organization. However, it can often be a challenge to encourage employees or students to wear an ID badge accessory, such as a lanyard or badge reel.

If your team is looking for a more subtle way to display their ID card, strap clips are the most affordable and versatile option available. Strap clips can be as low as $0.20 each, so you can easily purchase one for every member of your team. The clip can attach to a piece of clothing, belt, or bag for easy accessibility, and it properly displays the front of your ID card.

When shopping for strap clips, consider the following criteria to find the right clip:

  1. Do you have a slot punch? Most strap clips require a slot punch in the design of the ID card. The plastic of the strap clip is then fed through this part to display the ID card. If you don't have a slot punch incorporated into the design of your ID cards, you can use a slot-free gripper to display your ID cards.
  2. Where will employees display their ID card? Do you expect staff to display their ID card on their shirt pocket? An adhesive magnet attachment may be a better option than the standard strap clip because the magnet will securely hold the ID card through a piece of clothing. Employees won't have to worry about damaging their clothes!
  3. Is safety a concern? In many work environments, an ID card hanging from a shirt or lanyard could be a safety hazard. Encourage employees to wear their ID badges on their belt for safety and visibility with the metal belt clips. Give each member of your team this clip when you print their ID cards.
  4. How many ID cards do employees have? In some industries, employees have multiple ID cards they are required to carry for security and access control. You can make displaying several ID cards more convenient by using an extra long strap clip that can hold multiple cards.
  5. Are ID cards visible to customers? If your employees are frequently interacting with customers, you want them to look their best! Coordinate your ID cards with colorful strap clips. The colored strap will coordinate with your ID card design for a nicer presentation.
Product Spotlight: Slot Free ID Gripper

While most traditional strap clips require a slot punch in your ID card, the new slot-free ID gripper carefully displays your ID card without punching any holes. The tension fit keeps your ID card in place and prevents any cracking or breaking that can occur when a hole is punched in a PVC card. Plus, the slot free gripper is made of strong vinyl and completely metal-free, perfect for sensitive environments.

Expert's Corner: Ways to Wear Your ID Badge with Ease

Grabbing your keys is second-nature as you walk out the door, and you should reach for your ID badge with similar ease. You may use your ID card at work for identification, to punch in or out, to open a door, or all three. If you don't have it, you have a problem!

We offer a wide range of products to keep your ID badge close but not in your way. No matter how you describe your personal style, your badge's function, or how often you use it, IDville has an accessory for you. Because access to your ID badge should be easy - like grabbing your keys as you walk out the door.

For more information on ID card display options, read our "Ways to Wear Your Badge" article in our Knowledge Center. It has great information on all the display options.

Send your ID card or ID card printer questions to me at Your question may be featured in the next issue of our Identify Newsletter!

David, Identification Expert

Customer Testimonials

Our Clear ID Badge Clips are one of our best selling attachments, but you don't have to take our word for it! Here's what some of our customers have to say about this product.

"We have been buying this item in bulk and it is long lasting and holds up great" Amanda from Savannah, GA

"Our department has provided the employee ID badges for the past 5 years, and we have used the clear ID badge clip the whole time. I've replaced the employee badges due to cracking yet have only replaced the clip once in the past five years. They have proven to be sturdy as well as cost effective and will continue using this clip as long as we provide the current type of ID badges." CB from Panama City, FL

"These clips hold our name tags in place. The snap is very secure and they last a long time." Tammy from Lake Charles, LA