The PVC Card: More than Just an ID Badge

The PVC Card: More than Just an ID Badge

The PVC Card: More than Just an ID Badge

You’ve purchased an ID system and your employees wear great-looking ID badges. Now what? Thanks to PVC cards’ long-lasting attributes, you don’t need to replace employee badges often. However, don’t let your ID system printer sit in the corner collecting dust. Your printer can help you streamline processes throughout your organization. When it comes to using your ID system, your only limit is your creativity!

  • Long-lasting labels - PVC cards make excellent labels. Manufacturing organizations often use PVC cards to label containers with chemicals or greasy substances. Otherwise, labels wear out very quickly and have to be frequently replaced. At IDville, we’ve combined our adhesive magnets with a PVC card which indicates if the dishwasher is clean or dirty.
  • Luggage tags - Create company luggage tags for employees who frequently travel. Design a card with the company logo, contact information and the employee’s name. Slot hole punch the top, and you can attach it to luggage with a strap clip. Present it to the employee prior to departure.
  • Debit lunch card - Make lunch time easy for your employees or students. With your ID system, you can create   a lunch card that operates on a debit system for your cafeteria. Simply design your card with a barcode. The card can be made more applicable when you add healthy eating tips on the back.
  • Membership cards - Does your organization have an on-site fitness center or a partnership with a local restaurant? Provide your employees with PVC membership cards to provide them access to the many employee perks you provide.

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Tips & Tricks

ID Maker 2.0 Want to get more uses out of your PVC card system besides making employee or student IDs? Use one of our predesigned templates and over 300+ background and clip art designs to make lunch cards, gift cards, member rewards, or recognition awards.

Case Study: Streamline OSHA Identification

The Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA), which oversees health and safety standards for the workplace, requires employees to be properly licensed in order to use various pieces of equipment. In a manufacturing environment, it’s important that these licenses and certifications be properly identified.

A Michigan furniture manufacturer uses their ID system to the fullest by integrating OSHA identifiers onto their standard employee badges. When employees receive their license, they receive a new name badge with an icon indicating their certification. Employees have icons for hi-lo and aerial platform operation as well as First Aid.

Rather than carrying several OSHA-issued license cards, employees more effectively communicate their certification with the icon on their badge. The process is simpler for the human resource department, too, which can quickly create a new badge and have the employee immediately put his new skills to work.