Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips for National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month, and previous IDentify Newsletters on the subject have recommended you take the month of June to refocus your safety efforts. This year, make it a goal to implement all of our top ten safety tips before the end of the month to help you create and maintain a safe environment for your employees.

  1. Create a safety team. Form a team of employees who are enthusiastic about safety, and give them first aid, CPR, and fire prevention training.
  2. Wear your ID card. When employees wear their ID cards, it's easier to spot visitors and know if employees are in the correct location. Encourage all employees to wear their ID cards when in the building by giving them the proper ID badge accessories.
  3. Have a fire drill. When was the last time you had a fire drill at your organization? Schedule a fire drill for your entire organization to ensure employees know how to safely exit the building and where to meet once outside. Practice for inclement weather, such as tornados, too.
  4. Choose breakaway lanyards. The release on breakaway lanyards is an added safety feature that protects the individual wearing the lanyard. If the lanyard were to be caught in a piece of machinery or wrapped around the individual's neck, the lanyard would release and prevent injury.
  5. Create an emergency communication system. Preparing for the worst is the best way to ensure the safety of your employees in an emergency. Create a communication system that you can use throughout your building if you were to have a safety breach or inclement weather. Test the system periodically to make sure it is in working order.
  6. Implement a visitor management system. Part of creating a safe work environment is knowing who is in your building. A visitor management system tracks visitors and supplies them with an ID badge to wear while in the building.
  7. Safeguard employee ID card information. If your employee ID cards have RFID chips in them, protect against identity theft with an RFID Secure badge holder. The holder blocks RFID signals and will ensure employee and company information isn't stolen.
  8. Don't stand on swivel chairs. Train employees how to properly use equipment around the office and provide any tools they may need to safely do a job. For instance, you may need to purchase a step stool to help employees safely reach items on high shelves.
  9. Restrict access to your building. Proximity ID cards sync with your access control system and only allows authorized individuals into your building. This is a simple way to protect your staff from any outside threats.
  10. Reward great safety records. An effective way to improve safety in your organization is to reward safe behaviors. Recognize teams and individuals who have outstanding safety records and accomplishments with lapel pins or other small gifts from our sister company, Baudville.

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Safety Themed Badge Reels

Keep safety front of mind for your employees throughout the year with a safety themed badge reel. These badge reels will keep employees' ID cards easily accessible for visual identification and access control, too. By handing these out during National Safety Month, you let employees know their safety is your priority.

EXPERT'S CORNER: Review Safety and Security in June

June may be National Safety Month, but it's also a good time to review your security practices and policies. We have a ten question Workplace Security Audit you can use to take inventory of your security practices.

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Case Study: Reward Safety to Create a Safer Work Environment

A Pennsylvanian plastics manufacturer was dedicated to creating a safe work environment for employees, but their safety programs were lacking active employee involvement. Without the employees' participation, it was unlikely safety would improve.

To encourage greater employee ownership of the programs and to prevent injuries on-site, employees who are "caught" being safe are rewarded with lapel pins. Lapel pins are a great incentive for employees as different style pins can identify specific behaviors or training levels. Supervisors gave lapel pins to individuals who completed fire prevention training as well as members of the safety team. Lapel pins can easily be displayed on badge holders, lanyards, or uniforms to encourage the employee to comply with your safety policy.

Product Spotlight: Safety Themed Badge Reels
Case Study
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