Using a Visitor Identification System at Your Organization

Using a Visitor Identification System at Your Organization


Do you track visitors in your building? Do you know what visitors are in your building now? Building security has become a top priority for schools and businesses in recent years and protecting your organization's most important assets – the people – shouldn't be a challenge. Implementing a visitor identification system is an easy and effective way to monitor visitor traffic in your building.

When looking for a visitor identification system, make sure to select one that provides a record of all visitors. A good system should equip your organization with a working knowledge of who is currently in the building and who has previously visited. This information is crucial in case of an emergency at your facility.

An effective visitor identification system will also require the visitor to wear visual identification. An ID card or adhesive name badge communicates with the staff that the visitor has business in the building. Without a standard visual identification, unwanted visitors could be in your building without anyone's knowledge.

To secure your building with a visitor identification system, follow these steps:

  • Decide where the system will be located and which staff member will be responsible for it. The individual should be familiar with the system so that they can clearly explain how it works.
  • Communicate with all staff informing them of the new system. Make sure they are familiar with the look of the badge and the information it includes. They should know the difference between an authentic and false visitor badge.
  • Explain to frequent visitors why a new visitor system has been implemented. Reassure visitors that the security system carries out your organization's priority to provide a safe environment for the staff and is not a reflection upon the visitors.

Product Spotlight

Secure Visitor Log-In System
  • Keeps a discreet record of visitor traffic.
  • Creates an adhesive nametag.
  • Easy to implement, low-cost security.
  • Bright nametags are easily identifiable.
  • Quick sign-in only requires most relevant information from visitors.

Tips & Tricks

ID Maker 2.0
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Case Study: ID Maker 2.0 Streamlines ID Process for School District

Palmdale School District (PSD) is one of the largest school districts geographically in Southern California and a top employer for the region. However, the district experienced difficulty coordinating employee payroll and resources.

"Our district is governed by the Los Angeles County Office of Education which has operated on an antiquated payroll system. There were no IDs or employee numbers," explains PSD Information Technology Director Jim Smith.

As a result, the schools created their own identification systems. Jim recently took on PSD's identification responsibilities – a challenge with 3,000 employees!

"I inherited the project of creating employee badges from another department," said Jim. "They had purchased an identification system and equipment from a different vendor, but the software didn't support our needs and the new ID system never got off the ground."

Jim purchased a copy of ID Maker from IDville. With the new software program, he designed his own ID badges for all PSD employees, assigned them a unique badge number and added a magnetic strip. He was thrilled when ID Maker 2.0 was released in January 2008 and found the upgraded version to be a perfect fit for his district's needs.

"The Human Resources staff will be running the identification program, so I wanted to make sure the software program was simple, reliable and easy to use," he said. "ID Maker 2.0 is very easy to use. I know that the HR department will be able to use the software, train other employees, and do valuable reporting."