Using IDs to Spice Up Your Events

Using IDs to Spice Up Your Events


Specialty identification cards can add to the success of your organization's events. Regardless of the occasion, you can make a memorable and professional impression at corporate meetings, training sessions, special events and conferences with a custom ID badge.

Personalize it.Tailor the badge to the specific audience. If you are hosting a small event with attendees from multiple organizations, create a unique badge for each by adding their logo to the badge. The attendees will be pleased to have the branding opportunity, and it will help the attendees visually recognize the represented companies.

Apply a theme. For special events or conferences with a theme, print the artwork and slogan on the badge. When you incorporate a theme on the ID badges, it becomes a souvenir for the attendees. One company shared with us their practice of creating special themed ID badges for their holiday party. Many of the employees still display previous years' badges at their desks!

Make it fun. To add an interactive element to your event, create photo ID badges on site. This not only provides an opportunity for you to entertain your guests, but it will also impress them with an inside look at your streamlined identification process.

Accessorize it. Don't forget to consider accessories for your ID cards. Badge reels and lanyards can both be customized with a logo or organization name. If your goal is to reinforce a particular message or offering of your company, customize a lanyard. The attendees wear them throughout the duration of the event and are constantly reminded of the message by their peers.

IDs in action. Ever had a hard time drawing potential recruits or conference attendees into your trade show booth? Consider using a portable photo ID system to print ID badges for them instantly! It's a great way to break the ice, spark conversation and draw potential employees and customers to learn more about you!

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Tips & Tricks

ID Maker 2.0
Is your organization planning a special event? Turn to ID Maker 2.0 to make more than IDs! ID Maker has over 300 predesigned templates and clip art to make exciting name tags, tickets, gift cards, fun money, seating cards, and trivia cards. Use your imagination and have fun!

Case Study: Event IDs Make a Name for Themselves

Paulette Stroupe is a popular figure at Adventist Health System. As Administrative Secretary, she plays a pertinent role in the organization's corporate meetings. And they have a lot! As a multi-state healthcare provider, Adventist Health System owns and operates 38 hospitals. "We do a lot of corporate meetings, and I make the ID badges for the meetings," explains Paulette.

Identifying the attendees is no small task. For the organization's multiple clinical meetings, they expected 300 people per meeting.To add a little spice to the meetings, Paulette provides personalized badges and always tailors the badge to the audience. "We did a bankers meeting and pulled down their logos from the website. The attendees thought it was the neatest thing!" she says. Paulette uses the Evolis Single Sided Streamline On-the-Go system and the recently released ID Maker 2.0.

Paulette's personal touch has become an appreciated feature of the meetings. "People love the badges," she says. "It's becoming widely known that we have the capability to do this and more people want to use it!"