Visitor Identification: A No-Brainer

Visitor Identification: A No-Brainer

Visitor Identification: A No-Brainer

When it comes to building security, most organizations take precautionary measures to ensure that both their people and their property are protected. However, an IDville study found that 46% of organizations don't identify building visitors, and 34% don't track building visitors.

Today, visitor identification is a no-brainer. Regardless of organization size, identifying visitors is an important and simple method which safe guards your people. Having a working knowledge of the visitors in your building is a simple safety measure that can make a big difference in times of crisis.

To ensure your organization and people are protected, equip your organization with the hassle-free visitor system that fits the needs of your organization.

If you're a small organization with visitors few and far between... Outfit your front desk with Rewriteable Visitor PVC cards. Visitors can write their name on the badge when they enter the building and wear the ID for the duration of the stay. Your visitors will be clearly identified, and staff will be able to easily greet visitors with a personal 'hello.'

If visitors must receive vehicle access to an area... Keeping a concise record of visitors and clearly identifying visiting cars can make a difference in effective building security. Record visitor information in a log-in book and use hang tags for clearly identified vehicles.

If you want to track building visitors... Implement a log-in book system to maintain records of all building visitors. Visitors simply sign the book when entering the building. Your log-in book will help you to better understand the number of visitors you receive each month, and can help you justify a more comprehensive visitor system.

If you want to protect the privacy of your visitors... Visitor log books are a popular way to track building visitors, however they have little discretion. To keep visitor information confidential, try a Secure Log-In System. This system, hides the previous visitor's information, tracks visitor activity and creates wearable visitor badges all at once.


Secure Log-In Visitor System
Secure your building with a visitor log-in system. Position your system at the main entrance to your building and have each visitor fill out their own badge. The system records all the visitor information and protects it with a privacy shield, keeping information confidential. Visitors are easily identified with their badges, and you have up to date records!

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Simplify guest and visitor badges by using the IDMaker "Database Entry" function. It allows you to save all of your created badges for future use in case you have a visitor who returns on a regular basis.

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CASE STUDY: St. Mark's Medical Center

St. Mark's Medical Center is a state-of-the-art facility in central Texas which has been serving the community for over 80 years. When they opened their new facility, St. Mark’s looked to make a positive impression on visitors by creatively using an identification system.

Joe Piszczor, St. Mark's Special Projects Administrator, wanted to create a VIP card for each visitor that would list St. Mark's services and also provide them with special services and hospital discounts. "People apply for [the card] then they get a discount at the cafeteria and free notary service. They can sign up and be mailed newsletters for St. Mark's," Piszczor explained. "Anyone in the community can sign up and get the card."

An eye-catching design was important to make this marketing technique work, and a dual sided, edge-to-edge printer did just the trick. The VIP cards have been designed and feature the hospital's logo on both sides along with critical hospital information. St. Mark's wanted a unique, but useful marketing tool, and IDville made that possible.

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