Visitor Management Systems Increase Security and Safety

Visitor Management Systems Increase Security & Safety

Whether you work at a school, business, hospital, or manufacturing facility, tracking visitors is very important. Not only do visitor management systems track visitors, they promote a feeling of security throughout your organization. They also allow your staff to easily identify who has authorization to be on the premises and who may be unfamiliar to your building, policies, and procedures.

When shopping for a visitor management system, keep in mind its features, functionality, and ease of use. Each of these visitor management systems provides quick and easy implementation!

Visitor Systems: The Visitor Express System allows you to choose from over 50 badge templates, track and report visitors, and print visitor badges in 20 seconds or less. Simply scan your visitor's state-issued ID, check it against the database, print their badge, and they're ready to go. The barcode scanner makes the check-out process simple and quick. Reports show who's in the building, who they're visiting, and their location.

Visitor Lanyards: Visually identify visitors with bold, bright visitor lanyards. The bright color helps quickly identify a visitor from an employee. You can also easily attach a visitor ID card for added security. It is highly recommended to attach a visitor ID card to ensure that each person in your organization can easily identify who is visiting. Visitor ID cards are an essential component to facility and workplace safety.

Visitor Cards: Choose from reusable and durable plastic PVC visitor cards or one-time use adhesive visitor name badges. With pre-printed plastic cards, there's no need to print additional badges, just attach and go. Adhesive visitor labels are also ideal for short-term visitors and even temporary staff.

Product Spotlight: Log-In Books

There are various visitor log-in books to choose from. Self-expiring badge visitor log-in books are one option. These provide an easy and effective way to track visitors while keeping their visit information confidential. Sign in boards are another great option. These have an added carbon copy back feature and safety stickers that dissolve badge ink in 24 hours to ensure discreet tracking. Learn more about the benefits of visitor log-in books in the IDville Knowledge Center.

Expert's Corner: The right visitor management system for your organization

For small organizations, one time visitor name badges are an affordable option. Simply have the visitor write their name on the badge and wear it while in the building for easy identification.

In a mid-sized organization, additional visitor information may be necessary to understand the purpose of the visit. A visitor login book requires the visitor to provide additional information about their visit and creates a wearable adhesive visitor badge in the process.

Large organizations often welcome many visitors on a daily basis. Our Visitor Login Bundles cover all areas of a visitor management system in one package. Each bundle includes 1 login book, 25 PVC wet-erase badges, 25 clear strap clips, and 1 black dry erase marker. These are easy to use, the PVC badges are reusable, and the strap clips provide for comfortable wear!

Implement an easy, tamper free way to identify and track visitors in your building today. Learn more from the IDville identification experts today by contacting us via email or by calling 1.866.438.4553.

Kayla, Identification Expert

Case Study: Community Hospital Implements Visitor Management System

Community Hospital is a 58-bed hospital in rural southwest Michigan that implemented a visitor management system. Even at its modest size, the hospital takes patient and employee security very seriously. To improve facility security, the hospital's security committee created a visitor management policy to identify the numerous vendors, visitors, and contractors that visit the hospital on a regular basis.

Previously, visitors were announced at the reception desk and permitted into the hospital without any form of identification. When creating the visitor management policy, the security committee wanted a Visitor Login System at each of the two public entrances. All visitors who enter through the front or emergency room doors must pass by a receptionist who asks them to sign in. The other entrances into the hospital require an HID card that is given only to employees.

The visitor management system at the hospital now requires all visitors to sign-in and wear an adhesive name badge. The name badge changes color after 24 hours to indicate that the badge has expired. More importantly, the login process creates a record of all visitors, so the hospital can track vendors and visitors in the building.