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Conducting a regular workplace security audit will keep your security policies up-to-date and your employees safe. Ideally, you want to answer "yes" to each of the following questions. If you answer "no" to any of them, identify it as a vulnerable area and develop a task force to begin researching security solutions.

This workplace security audit checklist is designed to be a general checklist that can be applied to many types of organizations and industries. As you conduct the audit, be sure to consider your personal situation. You may need to address additional issues depending on your location, employees and nature of business.

Do you have an established workplace security policy? Include a security policy in your employee handbook that outlines security policies and procedures.

Have employees received security training? All employees, not only security and human resources, should understand safety and security policies and procedures. Trained employees should watch for activity that violates security policies and know how to properly report it.

Is access to the building restricted or monitored? Workplaces should prevent admitting individuals who don't belong in the building by monitoring all entrances. Most workplaces lock all entrances except for those monitored by an employee.

Are visitors required to register and receive proper identification? Visitor identification communicates to employees that a visitor in the building has followed proper security procedures.

Are employees easily identified? Employee ID cards make it easy for security and employees to know who belongs in the building

Do access cards and identification cards have enhanced security features? Enhanced security features prevent the creation of fraudulent cards and restrict unwanted visitors from entering your workplace. Magnetic strip, watermark logo, or a holograph protects your cards from being duplicated.

Is the facility and parking lot well-lit? Providing a well–lit campus prevents attacks and thefts from happening and keeps intruders away.

Is the surveillance system up to date? Review the areas captured by your surveillance cameras and be sure they are still in the right location. Give any employees who monitor specific areas or entrances updated training on security procedures.

Has the security system or alarm equipment been recently tested? Conduct regular tests on your security system or alarm equipment to ensure everything is in working order. Change security codes on a regular basis to prevent hackers.

Are hazardous or dangerous materials in locked storage and clearly identified? Any materials that could harm employees should be carefully locked and access should be given only to a few responsible and trusted employees. The storage area should also be under surveillance to prevent abuse from taking place.


Protecting employees, staff and students is the most important job in an organization. Secure your facility by implementing employee ID cards. You can design and print your own cards using our exclusive ID Maker System. The system comes complete with the ability to add a holographic overlay to your card design as an increased security measure.


Today, transportation safety is of a greater concern than ever before. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, The Rapid has streamlined its security system with the purchase of an IDville identification system.

The addition of an in-house identification system will save The Rapid time and money. Previously, the organization paid an outside business to create cards. Each time a new card was created, The Rapid paid a fee per card and waited one week for the card to arrive. Sec Garcia, Facility Manager, can now have cards ready immediately for contractors and new staff.

When new bus drivers are hired, Sec can take their picture and hand them their new ID card on site on their first day. The Rapid will experience multiple benefits from their new streamlined security. Now fully equipped with an identification system, ID cards will no longer be an expensive and cumbersome part of their business.


Enhanced security features can make your ID cards fraud-proof. Standard security features can be added within an ID card software program, such as signatures, logos, and employee pictures, to make ID cards unique. Some more enhanced security features require changes to your ID card printer.

A holographic overlay can be added to ID cards by inserting a special memory card in your printer. This option comes standard on our ID Maker System and ID Maker Secure System. When it is installed, you can print a holograph of your logo onto every card. The memory card can be easily removed at your discretion, so you can still create visitor cards without the holograph.

ID card or ID card printer questions? Send them to me at Your question may be featured in the next issue of our Identify Newsletter!

David, IDville ID Specialist