Workplace Security

The need for workplace security has never been greater

The world around us is constantly transforming to become more mobile, more transparent, and more accessible. As the world around us has evolved, so has IDville. Every day we talk to our customers about how best to respond to the needs of workplaces just like yours, in an effort to offer the most useful products and solutions on the market.

One initiative we hear about consistently is visitor management. Registering, tracking, and reporting on building visitors has become a critical effort for business, government and financial agencies, and schools. Do you know who is walking your halls? Do you know why they are there? To protect employees and facilities, organizations of all sizes and industries incorporate visitor management systems into their security strategies.

There are a myriad of options available to those beginning a visitor management program. IDville is proud to offer products from the most basic Visitor Log-In Book, to a sophisticated Visitor Express system for protecting schools.

As this trend continues to be a focus for organizations large and small, I encourage you to visit our website to see which visitor management solution might be the most useful to your workplace or school.

Product Spotlight: Visitor Log-In Books

Is your workplace currently tracking visitors entering your building or facility? Are visitors required to register?

Visitor log-in books are an easy and affordable way to identify visitors in your building, enhancing a feeling of safety and security among staff or students. Starting at $39.95, there are several options for visitor log-in books featuring discreet visitor log-in, easily recognizable visitor tags, self-expiring visitor badges, and many other security measures!

Expert's Corner: Visitor management systems for your organization

For small organizations, one time visitor name badges are an affordable option. Simply have the visitor write their name on the badge and wear it while in the building for easy identification.

In a mid-sized organization, additional visitor information may be necessary to understand the purpose of the visit. A visitor login book requires the visitor to provide additional information about their visit and creates a wearable adhesive visitor badge in the process.

Large organizations often welcome many visitors on a daily basis. Our Visitor Login Bundles cover all areas of a visitor management system in one package. Each bundle includes 1 login book, 25 PVC wet-erase badges, 25 clear strap clips, and 1 black dry erase marker. These are easy to use, the PVC badges are reusable, and the strap clips provide for comfortable wear!

Implement an easy, tamper free way to identify and track visitors in your building today. Learn more from the IDville identification experts today by calling us at 1.866.438.4553.

Kayla, Identification Expert

Customer Reviews: Visitor management products keep these customers coming back!

J-Ro from Hebron, KY "We use the Visitor Login Supreme Bundle to record all the visitors to our plant. The lanyards are an easy way to identify "strangers" and the dry erase tags save us from having to throw away visitor tags or labels. Definitely a good investment!"

Bobbie from Muskego, WI "We decided to use the re-writable visitor cards for visitors that stop in on a regular basis, and people we truly know. It's much more cost effective than using the expiring badges for everyone. They clean up perfectly and look like new every time!"

Shannon from Atlanta, GA "I didn't know what to expect. When I saw the visitor pre-designed lanyards in the catalog, I thought they would be great in helping to know who the visitors are and to help track our visitor badges due to the bright red color. Everyone including our President thought they were great."